Fixing the stuff Brandy breaks

Last time, baby Jameson was born. This time, bring on the toddler stage! Grownups will probably do some things too.

Screenshot-366For example, Brandy will start out by washing dishes as Wynan makes food.

Screenshot-367And she will move on to breaking the dishwasher.
Brandy: “OMGosh, is it really broken?”
Wynan, glancing over: “Yup. Busted. No worries though. I got you.” *rolls wish to fix dishwasher*

Screenshot-369And so I let him do it. I’ve decided that if any of the torchholders die, so long as they have an heir, the torch can pass before said heir would become young adult. Still.. don’t die, Wynan. I super believe in you!

Screenshot-370Fresh off his repair-the-dishwasher win, he’s inspired to upgrade all the things. I set him to making the toilet self-cleaning. Goodness knows we could use that.

Screenshot-371Brandy gives Jamie some attention while daddy works on the toilet.

Screenshot-374Then she takes him to catch up on some quality TV. On second thought.. she looks stricken. Maybe she’s watching the news.

Screenshot-376Okay, who’s ready for a toddler? I know I am!

Screenshot-378Brandy: “Wynan, what are you doing? You’re making the baby cry!”
Wynan: “OMG, step away from the cake with the baby!!”

Screenshot-379But Brandy thought stepping away from the cake was a ridiculous request. I was Jameson’s BIRTHDAY after all. Why shouldn’t he be by his cake? Wynan stepped up and fought the flames engulfing the birthday cake since he needed to rescue his family.

Screenshot-381Brandy continued to bemoan the fact that Jamie kept fussing so it was clearly the worst birthday ever. Wynan did get the flames out, but of course the baby didn’t age. Brandy dumped him on the floor and went to recycle a newspaper. I took the chance to buy a new cake and try again in hopes that the NOT Unlucky Wynan would be the one to bring Jameson to the cake then.

Screenshot-384No such luck. But we did manage to get through it without setting it ablaze this time, which is nice.

Screenshot-385Jameson quickly learns how to sit up and then…

Screenshot-388Huzzah! A toddler!

Screenshot-386Aw and a cute little thing he is too. โค

Screenshot-389He immediately heads off to the skill objects and I love him even more.

Screenshot-391His folks are on the back deck eating non-charred birthday cake and debating the existance of yetis.

Screenshot-393That widdle face! *smush*

Screenshot-394Brandy grabs the dishes to wash.

Screenshot-395Wynan heads in to potty train Jamie..

Screenshot-398..and start teaching him how to walk for a bit. One bottle & one more potty trip, then Wynan puts Jameson to bed and heads out to dumpster dive a bit.

Screenshot-399Brandy cleans our shower (at least she’s a clean idiot lol)

Screenshot-402Wynan ages up all alone, in the dark, at the junkyard with no one but his favorite dumpster to cheer him on, because I’m an awful sim overlord and forgot his birthday.

Screenshot-403And apparently to make it up to him, I send him home to plunge. Happy birthday, unclog the toilet.

Screenshot-405Potty training? Check. Looking adorable? Also check.

Screenshot-409Learning to walk? Also also check.

Screenshot-410Random sunrise screenie!

Screenshot-412Brandy heads out to the yard in her undies to stand up our poor flamingos. Wynan joins her and coaxes her back inside.

Screenshot-415So persuasive, that one.

Screenshot-419Then, of course, he passes out immediately after. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thus ends our precious mommy-son interaction montage.

Screenshot-423Brandy’s back to straightening up our flock of tall pink seagulls.

Screenshot-427Cutie pie Jameson is choosing to work on music now.

Screenshot-428Brandy’s off to work!

Screenshot-429Wynan puts the sleepy baby down for a nap.

Screenshot-430I can’t recall if this was a promotion or if it was when she got a pop-up seeing if she wanted to switch jobs (to a higher level job in a field she’s totally not qualified for.. but hey better pay so of course she does lol).

Screenshot-433The pout! OMG, he kills me. Feed that poor widdle face.

Screenshot-435As soon as Brandy comes home still sporting the obviously non-pg belly (I had no speakers so no chance at hearing baby chimes), Wynan smoothly propositions her. “So… baby dance?”

Screenshot-436She agrees. (They do have a bed lol the shower is just faster).

Screenshot-440Wynan: “Geology. Pick up all the rocks you find, kid. You can cut ’em up, sell ’em, and build you a dream house.”

Screenshot-441Jameson seems unsure.

Screenshot-442Wynan starts teaching him about recyclables instead. He’s a quick learner there.

Screenshot-447Then we have a brief intermission while he fixes the sink Brandy broke.

Screenshot-448He heads back to teaching Jameson how to talk, though the glitch into way too close. Still, it’s generally pretty cute as it looks mostly like he has Jamie on his lap.

Screenshot-450Cute until he applauds Jameson that is. Then he’s crushing his skull. Ah well. I left them to it anyway.

Screenshot-452Sha-POP! Pregnancy #2 is confirmed! (Final pregnancy of this generation, barring any snafus.) And look in the back.. Wynan & son being way too cute. I let them get the learn-to-talk thing wrapped up, fed the kidlet, and Jameson took himself potty before playing a bit more.

Screenshot-455When Jameson got too tired, daddy went in and laid him down, then grabbed the mess from the potty chair.

Screenshot-456Brandy autonomously came to thank him for cleaning (finally, right? LOL)

Screenshot-458Wynan: “Anything for you, baby.”


And calling it there so I can get this in technically still in September and thus counting for SimNaNoWriMo.

words 891, pics 50


Mixed drinks

Get it? Cuz Wynan Spirits and Brandy are combining to make a kidlet? Enh, it’s like 2am when I’m writing this. Everything’s amusing, even weak puns.

So.. last time, Wynan spent forever getting Brandy to stay put long enough to ask her to move in with him. The minute it was a go, we worked on the next generation. My speakers are on the fritz, so I’m not sure it worked, but we shall see.

Screenshot-315There on the left side of this picture, you can see food that has been made. Wynan grabbed a plate. There on the right side of this picture, you can see a bookshelf behind that comfy chair. Brandy grabbed a book. Wynan walked past the dining table. Brandy walked past the comfy chair (and ignored the couches).

Screenshot-316Both went out to the back porch to sit. Because sims. Wynan finished up and went to bed. Brandy stayed out here reading until I was almost sure she was going to pass out. She did make it to bed though.

Screenshot-317For about 15 minutes.Screenshot-318She didn’t eat any supper, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t something she ate. Which means a tiny Wynandy baby is likely incoming! Woot! Brandy heads back to try bed one more time.

Screenshot-320She makes it about 30 minutes this time before once again hopping out of bed. She twirls into maternity wear and my suspicion is confirmed. She tries bed again, probably hoping that the third time will be the charm.

Screenshot-321Wynan meanwhile, is up and having a spot of breakfast.

Screenshot-322Then it’s off for a hard day’s work.

Screenshot-323Brandy wakes and is remembering that she didn’t feed her face the night before. Hopefully she can figure out where the fridge is.

Screenshot-325She did! And grabbed a juice box instead of an actual meal. You’re supposed to be eating for two, Brandy, not starting a juice cleanse. And naturally, she takes it out to the back deck to drink it. Why do I even bother having a dining table inside?

Screenshot-326When she’s done, she walks around and INTO the house to get to the back side of the outdoor garbage. Cuz using the trash in the kitchen is silly. As is accessing either of the free sides of the garbage can.

She passes her time while Wynan dives. She scrubs the stove…Screenshot-330Day dreams about impending motherhoodScreenshot-331Washes Wynan’s plate that he left outsideScreenshot-332Watches some TV as the sun starts to setScreenshot-334And farts out bubbles as she starts in on scrubbing the counter.

Screenshot-335Wynan finally walks in, filthy as usual, after being gone literally all day.
Wynan: “Hey honey, how are you?”

Screenshot-336Brandy continues to scowl and scrub the counter.

Screenshot-337Wynan: “I’ll, uh.. I’ll just take a shower then?”

Screenshot-340Brandy swoops in to stop him, I guess the hormones got the better of her mood after being left alone all day, but she wanted to make sure he knew she still dug him. โค

Screenshot-341And so instead of taking a shower, Wynan takes a phone call. Brandy uses the chance to snag the shower before he goes in and dirties it up.

Wynan, freaking: “Ugh! The shower broke!”

Screenshot-343Wynan, freaking even more: “AUGH!! Her water broke!!”

Screenshot-344*shimmer sparkle* It’s a boy! A red-head to boot. I already think I’ll love him. LOL

Screenshot-345He’s Artistic and Excitable, and he loves the color grey. Oh, and his name?

Meet Jameson Spirits.

Wynan fixed up the shower and then went to bed. Dumpster diving and freaking out about your wife giving birth really takes it out of you. Brandy got ready for bed but hopped right up when the baby needed food & snuggles. And then she annihilated the n00bs on her video game rather than heading back to bed.

Screenshot-349She’s turning out to be a pretty rocking mom. After changing him, she takes a quick nap in the chair in his room.

After that, she fell into a nice domesticated rhythm:
Wash the dishes.. check on the baby.
Recycle the newspaper.. check on the baby.
Check on the stove.. check on the baby. LOL (And her face in that last one cracks me up. It looks like she caught me looking in on her and is shocked. Sorry, Brandy. I spent three weeks taking pictures of dumpsters. You and Jameson are way more fun.)

Screenshot-357After the last round of baby-checking, she heads outside to take the trash out.

Screenshot-353And as Brandy puts things IN the garbage, if you squint.. back in the distance you can make out the raised lid of a dumpster as Wynan digs things OUT of the garbage.

Screenshot-358And of course, time for a baby check. This kid will never want for attention, apparently. At least not during his babyhood.

Screenshot-364Brandy realizes she’s hungry and sets off to make some food.

Screenshot-360But it’s okay, because Wynan’s home to dote on wee Jameson. *cue adorable father-son spam*Screenshot-361Screenshot-362Screenshot-363Feeding, and snuggling, and diapering.. oh my!

Screenshot-365And one final shot of Brandy looking somehow confused and thoughtful all at once.

Just a note… I’ve decided that since the novelty of the baby stage wears on me very quickly, as long as each baby gets to be a baby for at least 24 hours, I will feel zero guilt at caking them on up to toddler. I will likely also feel zero guilt at spamming you with tot pics, because they’re probably my favorite stage. Adorable little smush faces. *wub* (At least usually. Perhaps ISBI toddlers will be worse. We’ll see. LOL)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 920, pics 43


Alright dear readers, last time we wrapped up Wynan’s dumpster dive challenge. The ISBI portion of the story has finally begun. From now until next torch holder, he is the only sim I can control. Of course he’s also the only one I have… but hopefully not for long.

Across the street from Wynan, new construction has gone up and three young ladies have moved in in no time flat.

…her sister Sherry…Screenshot-260
…and their roommate Virginia.
Virginia: “Call me Gin.”

Screenshot-262I send Wynan over immediately to try and greet them. I perhaps should have had him shower first. Sherry is pretty obvious about her disgust. LOL The other two high tailed it inside while they could, and Sherry turned on her heel to follow suit without inviting him in, wrinkling her nose all the while. It’s okay Wynan. We’ll try again in the morning. Go get some rest.

Screenshot-263And while he was resting, a burglar came! I was slow on the uptake (what? why did the speed go back to slow? he’s still in bed.. oh! thief!), so Wynan didn’t hop out of bed fast enough to fight him down. The thief stole our computer.. but on the up side, he appeared to severely sprain his own neck as he ran away. Karma.

Screenshot-267The next morning, Wynan heads over to the ladies’ house again. Sherry greets him and lets him inside this time (showering first probably helped), but doesn’t interact further. Wynan heads upstairs to greet Gin.. who appears to be a little uncomfortable with him trying to talk so closely while she’s in her bedroom.

Screenshot-270She leads him all the way downstairs to by the front door before she’ll say hi. LOL Wynan thanks her for the house tour.

Screenshot-271And then he goes to greet the final lady, Brandy. Looks like we’re gonna have us a generation of blondies. She had him at hello. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Note: To make these gals in CAS, I took premade bases and sims that I have previously made from scratch, tweak them a bit, and “play with genetics” until about the third “generation” of sim. This gives more of a chance for varied genetics in the offspring in the game, so we may not be looking at all blonde kids. I don’t even look at their traits; no trying to make the perfect mate or least idiotic idiot or anything. lol)

Screenshot-272Sherry immediately pulls Gin over to gossip…I’m assuming about her sister being interested in that smelly oaf from the night before.

Screenshot-273The no-longer-smelly oaf is off playing a game of tag with Brandy, who’s following him like there’s a magnetic pull. Wynan tries to get everyone involved in the game.

Screenshot-274He spent most of the day over there, chatting up the ladies. Screenshot-275The next morning, Brandy heads off to work before Wynan can get over there. I overseer-stalk her and see that she works at the business building. A quick peek shows that there’s a dumpster at the diner right next to that lot. I send Wynan over there to get some diving in while he waits for her. He throws what is, I swear, his first disgusted look. Apparently 3 weeks of dumpsters should have been enough. Sorry bucko, you had a chance for gainful employment, you rolled unemployed. LOL Stick with what you know.

Screenshot-276Brandy must have slipped out the other side of the building while we were watching these doors, as we didn’t see her leave. Wynan calls her up and invites her out. In a strategic move, we choose the pool. (Showers!) Brandy says she’ll meet us there.

Screenshot-278Wynan gets to the pool and immediately heads for the shower. He gets about a quarter of the way through when he hops out – Brandy has arrived and just marched right on in to the bathroom.
Brandy: “Sorry about my sister the other day. She can be a total wench sometimes.”

Screenshot-279Wynan appears to appreciate ladies who are bold enough to risk seeing someone naked on the first not-quite-a-date.

Screenshot-280After some swimming (where she did not join him), Wynan asked her back to his place.
Wynan’s deep-voiced left hand: “Hey pretty lady, want to go back to my house?”
Wynan’s high-pitched right hand: “Oh Wynan, I’d totally love that!”

Screenshot-281Brandy: “Wow, you sure have a lot of things…”
Oh honey, you haven’t even seen the inside yet. LOL But her side-eye at all the “lawn furniture” reminds me that I intended to rebuild now that I don’t need the knick-knacks for points. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-282Wynan, ur doing it wrong. How are you getting around that whole “law of gravity” thing? Still, it’s sweet that you’re making dinner for her.

Screenshot-283And then they enjoyed a fine meal “together”.. ROFL (Wynan ate at the kitchen table while Brandy settled in the dining room.)

Screenshot-284Since they didn’t get to chat over supper & build the meter beyond friends, I have Wynan invite her to stay the night. She declines. Brandy, while your words say you don’t know him well enough, your thoughts hint at a different reason. LOL

Screenshot-285Anyway, after hearing her say she can’t stay, exhausted Wynan heads off to bed. Meanwhile, Brandy stays. LOL She makes herself comfortable watching our TV until 3:30am.Screenshot-286
At 4am I thought she was leaving, but she just walked out on the porch and then stood out there for another half an hour, before finally remembering that she intended to go home.

Small interruption to bring you shots of what the House Motherlode twins look like. *squee* They were game-named Leroy and Jenni. I decided they needed to be renamed, so here are Cash & Rosebud.

Screenshot-287Anyway, one more day of chasing Brandy. This time Wynan invites her out to the juice bar (because that just seems the most appropriate place for Brandy and Wynan Spirits to be. *hehe*) As soon as she gets on the lot where he is, she’s all swoony. (I do not get why their relationship bar fills slower than any other sim w/ Wynan. They’re clearly into each other.)

Screenshot-292After playing tag outside for a while (because what else would you do on a date?) I direct them inside where there’s lights, so my pics are visible. Brandy has to take a moment to freak out, and then they get back to chatting.

Screenshot-295Wynan and that raised eyebrow.ย  Looks like topics must be going on the right track.

Screenshot-296Wynan: “Say, just to make sure, you’re not like married or anything are you?”
She assures him she’s single.. for now ๐Ÿ˜‰ , and so he invites her over again.

Screenshot-297As we walk in the door, he gets distracted by the stereo and starts to boogie. Wynan.. you’ve got a guest. Don’t leave her hanging!

Screenshot-299He invites her to stay the night, and she accepts…and immediately heads up to bed. LOL He’s never going to get to ask her to move in.

Screenshot-300Before he heads off to bed, he takes the time to unclog, flush, and clean the toilet. We’re serious about impressing Brandy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Screenshot-301She wakes up bright and early and makes her bed.

Screenshot-302Then she heads to the kitchen to check and make sure the stove got turned off (even though no one turned it on last night.) I do believe she’ll fit in perfectly in an ISBI house.

Screenshot-303And then she took a step into Wynan’s room, turned on his boombox, and immediately headed back out. Mind you the stereo out in the great room was already on. LOL Anyway, Wynan got up, stomped his foot, but went out to chat with her.

Screenshot-304Just as he queued up his “ask to move in” action, Brandy spun into her work clothes and left. Wynan was apparently not impressed. Me neither, honestly. I decided we’d give it one more go and if something got in the way again, well they’re just not meant to be. He’s going to age to adult soon. He can’t waste ALL his prime years on the dumpster. LOL To make the day productive, I send him out cutting/consigning while a contractor (me!) comes to level and rebuild his house.

Screenshot-306Here we go. The only new thing we “bought” was landscaping, otherwise all the living items were ones he had previously. I’ll likely upgrade some items soon, and hopefully there will be call for a double bed and crib soon as well. For now, he’s got a sweet 4BR, 3BA place with a large open concept living/dining/kitchen. (The “master” is currently set up more like a den, and only 1 bathroom has anything in it, but we’ll add as we go. I took the pic before adding flooring too.)

Screenshot-307Here’s the front of his cozy little house..Screenshot-308..and the rear. I want that soaring window in my real life house. LOL

So he passed the time until Brandy was done, skipped the whole “date” business and just invited her over to show off his new digs.

Screenshot-310Wynan: “Hey Brandy! You like the new place? I was thinking maybe we could make it OUR new place..”

Screenshot-311Brandy suddenly has a flash of insight that oh, Wynan like-likes her. She agrees to move in, and they seal the deal with a kiss. The slowest starting relationship escalates very quickly, and Wynan recalls that there’s no double bed just yet…

Screenshot-313…but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Brandy: “What the heck was IN that shower?”

Heh, sorry girlfriend. Guess I forgot to have him clean the shower before dragging you in there for a romp.

And I believe we’ll wrap it here. Wynan finally got the girl, or at least got her to move in. Now comes the hard (for me) part.. not controlling any of her actions. Wish me luck!

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 1618, pics 44

Living that dumpster life

Day 19
Screenshot-222The new day dawns and I give him another go at cooking on the stove. Something simple this time. Just some pancakes. He has me worried.. by the look of things, these pancakes may go the way of the blackened goopy carbonara of last update.

Screenshot-223But in the end, he pulls it off, and he and his stink cloud enjoy some solidly “normal quality” pancakes. Yay for mediocrity! So decent.

Screenshot-224We don’t bother with a shower, because the next stop of the day is Wynan’s home away from home… the junkyard.

Screenshot-225Down and down and down he goes.. when he’ll stop, nobody knows! Well.. I mean _I_ know. He’ll stop when it’s dark because that’s when I’ll let him. But that doesn’t make a cute little rhyme. ๐Ÿ˜›

Screenshot-226But check that out. Not only did he get a bunch of plush seating (and many wall-hanging items), but he got an armless statue. Booyah. We’re keeping that sucker. Venus should distract nicely from the cloud of flies that’s constantly around.

Screenshot-227And then.. I noticed he rolled a wish to fix the dishwasher. I hadn’t even known it was broken. He almost never uses it. (Then again, he almost never uses the stove either, and you can see it’s filthy.) I had sold off our duplicate dishwashers, so I murmured a prayer to the sim gods to keep my pixel doofus safe from electrocution and I let him try to repair it.

Screenshot-228Wynan: “Well, the door works..”
*sigh* This is more stressful than I thought. Please be smart. Use your two handiness skills wisely (thank goodness we’ve had to repair the shower and unclog the toilet – multiple times).

Screenshot-231I kept holding my breath, certain that I would come two days away from the end of this dumpster diver challenge and then lose in literally the only way possible – death. LOL

Screenshot-233But Wynan proved me wrong. He succeeded, reigning victorious over the broken dishwasher and certain shocking death. Just for that, I’ll reward you by not making you do your chores tonight.
Wynan: “Woohoo!”

Day 20Screenshot-234Chores were instead done first things in the morning.

Screenshot-235Wynan: “I somehow thought my reward would be longer.”
Uh, your main reward is still being alive. Get back to scrubbing, you missed a spot.

Screenshot-236Off to the salon dumpster today (this generally means he had a run to the elixir shop as well to cut & sell gems).

Screenshot-238Today’s haul brought…a dishwasher. LOL Of course it did. I’m leaving it in case the dishwasher somehow breaks again, he’ll just swap it out. But hey look! Better stove too!
Wynan: “So I didn’t have to clean that other stove?!”
Life is just rough all around, Wynan. Still.. let’s try your hand at goopy carbonara now that you’ve got more than the cheapest stove.

Screenshot-240Oh man, Wynan, look at you and that pasta! (Also, look at that counter behind you. And a dirty dish that you apparently left on the table this morning.)

Screenshot-241But mostly look at you.
Wynan: “Nailed it!”
Yes you did. Perfect…ly acceptable “normal” goopy carbonara. Woot woot! Just remember to put the leftovers away and that should last you a few days.

Day 20
Screenshot-242This picture has nothing to do with Wynan and is only here to remind me.. hey Boolproppers, in my game, the House Motherlode mascots wasted no time. They hooked up, got married, got pregnant, and it turns out it was twins – a boy and a girl. LOL As efficient as ever. (Though Richie looks a bit dazed about the prospect.)

Screenshot-243Back to the star of the show here, Wynan’s gone bottoms up in his favorite dumpster.

Screenshot-244Ah, Riverview. Sometimes you so pretty.

Screenshot-245As the sun sets, Wynan wraps up his final required day ofย  trash digging. He heads home and grabs the mail. I don’t know why he seems shocked to see bills. I’m always shocked when it’s NOT bills in my mailbox.

Screenshot-246Still, he pays them so we’re all squared away for the final day.

Screenshot-247He manages to squeak out the end of one more cooking skill point too.

Screenshot-250This is the haul for today. ANOTHER dishwasher lol. Ah well. I set about putting the final touches on the house before doing the point tallies.

Screenshot-254upstairs: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (though neither have toilets lol I did sell off a couple chairs to buy a sink when I realized that a sink was one of “the basics” and I had gone without one this whole time), a hallway, and a loft area

Screenshot-255main floor: bedroom, living room, entry, sitting area, bathroom, kitchen, dining, hallway, great room, and storage area

Screenshot-256Outside view. A little basic, but not too shabby, and hey that front lawn is ready for a party when you are. *hehe*

Official point tallies:
Skill points +7 (4 cooking, 3 handiness)
Room points +17 (7 upstairs, 10 down)
Net worth +43 ($43,552 net worth)
Furniture +224 (not counting the few things we bought)

Total: 291!!

Way to go, Wynan! Your dumpster diving idea was amazing. You have created the world’s most cluttered house from nothing but trash pickings. Success!

You are now free to go out and find someone and get some babies, none of whom I will be able to help you with. Let’s be honest, that’s gonna be harder for me than you. We’ll start that up next round though. It appears that some lovely ladies are just moving in across the street. Wonder who told them about this vacant property? (It was me. We’re introducing ourselves IMMEDIATELY next chapter. Like before Wynan even goes to bed. LOL)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 921, pics 25

Scrounging around

Day 16

Screenshot-195The sun is out on this brand new day. Now you can gaze upon the splendor that is our FULLY ENCLOSED two-story house. Not bad for just over two weeks of nothing but trash.I guess that whole “no job, just dumpsters” thing wasn’t as half-baked as I thought, Wynan.

Screenshot-196Wynan: “You’re darn tootin. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do.”
And so he dives the morning away.

Screenshot-197That afternoon, Wynan and his personal stink cloud head off to the elixir shop to cut some gems and put some things up for sale before the cut off time. After that, he stops for some social interaction with the esteemed Mr. Shallow.

Screenshot-198Glad to see Wynan brings out the classiness in everyone. Never change, Wynan.

Screenshot-199He dives a few more times before going home for a supper of salad. Keeping his trim physique is important in the dumpster diving world, you know. (Also, there’s no chance of him setting anything on fire with salad.)

Screenshot-200Here’s the pickings from Day 16’s trashy work.

Day 17
Screenshot-201Before heading out in the morning, Wynan has some business to attend to. And before he can do his business, he has THIS business to attend to. Once the disgustingly filthy toilet is unclogged, he utilizes it to do his business and then high-ho it’s off to work we go. (Man I hope he flushed this time.)

Screenshot-202And then all the daylight hours are spent here at the junkyard, in the dumpster that even the locals seem to know as Wynan’s turf. (True story…even when he’s not at that dumpster, the other sims will generally pass it by for one of the other two. LOL)

Screenshot-203And a fairly decent day for diving. A little seating-heavy perhaps, but hey.. beggars can’t be choosers.

Screenshot-204Since he’s not yet tired, I decide he’s going to take some time to read.
Wynan: “Oh boy! I hope it’s a picture book.”
Um, sure. It totally is. Lots of pictures.

Screenshot-205Wynan: “This is not what I meant.”
What, cookbooks are full of pictures. Now get to reading so you can make something besides hot dogs or salad.
And so he read & skilled his way to the end of this day.

Day 18Screenshot-206Day 18 dawns and I send Wynan to the salon dumpster. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Dumpster pics are still all looking the same, so instead I peeked around inside the salon to see what I could see. Who did I find? Why, Don Lothario of course!

Screenshot-210Don is trying to talk Buck Broke into a new look. Buck doesn’t look too sure about this. I mean, what’s wrong with camo & overalls, right? And no WAY is anyone getting their hands on his moustache.
(I notice Wynan in the background there, chatting up Gee Rainbow. I get ready to send him back to work when I notice his social bar is tanked. I guess the brief stint of funny face making two days ago wasn’t going to last him forever. LOLย  Instead, I set him to playing tag since that will still leave me free to watch the Buck Broke makeover.)

Screenshot-211Well.. it looks like Buck drove a hard bargain in still wanting his moustache and grey camo-type pattern. This is an improvement though, Don.
Don: “See, the ladies will be tripping all over themselves to get to you.”
I said an improvement. Redneck-meets-dudebro is not quite a style that will bring all the girls to your yard. Besides, he’s married.
Don: “Oof, sorry to hear that pal.”

Screenshot-213Back to check on Wynan. Apparently tagging the other person is WAY more fun than getting tagged, but his whiny “ugh” face keeps making me giggle.

Screenshot-214He had a wish to mooch money from Gee. That’s against the rules though, so instead I let him mooch some food. Gee apparently is just now discovering that he smells less than delightful. She stays polite and doesn’t let the disgust show outwardly.

Well, he asked for a steak dinner, she presented a counter offer.
Gee: “I don’t have steak and seasonal veggies on me right now, but here. You can have this bowl of canned soup that I’ve been carrying around in my invisible backpack.”
Wynan: “Thanks, Gee! I only ever carry rocks in my invisible backpack. This is way better. You’re the best.”

Screenshot-216And so he ate his soup, then moved on to the junkyard dumpster for a bit before nightfall.

Screenshot-217Here’s the collected treasure from day 18. And look, in the window there you can see Wynan in the kitchen.

Screenshot-218The food in the fridge had gone bad, so I had him clean it out. Then I decided that with his fancy new skill point from reading the picture book earlier, that I’d have him restock with a new recipe.

Screenshot-219Goopy carbonara, here we come. Stay focused here, Wynan. You can do this.

Screenshot-220Wynan: “Finished! Ta-da!”
Um, Wynan?

Screenshot-221Wynan: “Well THAT doesn’t look much like the picture.”
No, no it does not. That looks like the picture if you burnt the crap out of it. Enh, just go to bed. You can try cooking again in the morning. At least there was no fire. Small victories, right?

And so there we leave it. We’ll find out next time if he’s ever able to make anything but salad. 3 more days to go in this section of the challenge (one more update), and then it’s ISBI time! This IS a quick and enjoyable challenge. I totally encourage anyone to try it. I think it would be cool meshed with a “teen runaway” challenge too. The 21 days would take them beyond the (typical) 14 days of teen and into young adulthood, but still leave plenty of young adult life for them to roll into being a founder for a secondary challenge.

I’ve rolled randomly to determine some things about my own secondary portion of the challenge (the ISBI) since it’s coming up soon: The relationship for this generation is live-in partner (this can mean adopting kids and just having a roomie, or having a romantic partner and having babies with them, but no marriage). The number of pregnancies this time is 2 (adoption counts as a pregnancy. Additionally, I am free to alter the features of any kiddo we adopt ONCE. Hair/eye/skin color all stay the same, but I don’t want a ton of pudding faces running around. LOL Adopted children will have all the same rights as bloodline children, because THEY SHOULD, so they will be open for heirship too.) Wynan’s going to carry on with his current line of work LOL (so, unemployed.. but can make money in ways other than just dumpster diving after these 21 days are up) and the skill he’s going to focus on maxing is handiness.

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 1151, pics 22


The 4th wall

Day 13

Screenshot-170As the sun comes up on Day 13, we can see the state of the house. Mostly the same as it was last update, I believe, just with some extra items stuffed in the “storage hallway” (which will eventually house stairs.) Wynan’s been put to work cleaning his shower.

Screenshot-171Don’t look so put out about it, Wynan. Cleaning the toilet’s next. The shower was nothing compared to that. Seriously, how do you get your things so filthy?

Screenshot-172Oh. Right. Well, you are good at what you do. Keep on scrounging.

Wynan kept that dumpster company for hours. Me, I had fun watching the little junkyard drama that was unfolding. Argyle Sweater is the wife of Old Guy. Sommer (green sim) is….not. She is, in fact, pregnant with Hal Breckenridge’s baby. In the shack at the junkyard, Argyle Sweater presented her aging husband with a bouquet of flowers. Aww, right? Except Old Guy totally shot her down & stormed out of the shack. Sommer watched this and – I kid you not – she smiled at Argyle Sweater before waltzing out the door and presenting Old Guy with flowers herself. And he just loooved these flowers. Argyle Sweater proceeded to chew him out while Sommer smiled on. When Old Guy turned to try and flirt with Sommer, she shot HIM down and left. LOL She was legit only doing it to stir up some stuff. (Old Guy died a couple days later. Argyle Shirt was knocked up soon after.)

Screenshot-175Anyway, while I was on drama watch, here’s what Wynan dug up for day 13.

Screenshot-176We got enough to buy a staircase, and the front wall of the second story. I move some of our excess items up here.Screenshot-177The first floor remains mostly the same, except I used most of our funds to buy exactly one square of wall across the back as a show of good faith that I haven’t forgotten the “must be fully enclosed” rule of the dream house.

Day 14

Screenshot-178The sun is up, Wynan’s social bar is not. He has a quick leftover breakfast and then calls up one of his friends to chat a bit.

Screenshot-179Wynan: “Why excuse me, extremely generic-faced cashier, I don’t suppose you’d let me put any of my gems up for sale? Sorry about the noise earlier when I was cutting them.”

And so go the gems at the elixir shop.

Screenshot-181And then Wynan and his stink trail head off across the street to the salon. (I almost typed salad. Can you imagine someone running like this to get to a salad? Of course, I can’t imagine anyone running like this to get to a dumpster either, so I suppose it’s possible.)

Screenshot-182Target destination: dumpster at rear of salon. Location reached. Commence diving sequence.

Screenshot-183He’s almost graceful in the way he perches all balanced on the edge of the dumpster like that.ย  He digs all day & evening. I hope he gets something good!

Screenshot-184Woohoo! Apparently people were tossing some pretty high-ticket items in the salon trash today. We keep the game system & much of the furniture. I have zero desire to have a washer though, so I don’t need a dryer, much less two! So both of those get sold. We’re rich!

Screenshot-185Look, look at our respectable house! Look at how party-friendly our lawn is. “Oh, we love to entertain.” (We’ll just pretend we’re one of those people on House Hunters.. surely this is what they mean by outdoor space for entertaining. LOL)

Screenshot-186The second story is fully walled in. It even has a couple rooms walled off too! And you can see my lineup of three chairs representing beds.. hehe.. as he finds more beds, I’ll replace those chairs.

Screenshot-187And I am pleased to announce that downstairs is fully walled in too. We’re very not rich again (note the fact that the upstairs rooms have no door yet lol), but our house “meets code” now. Woot woot!

Day 15
Screenshot-189Day 15 comes around and it’s off to, um, work? we go. Here’s Wynan’s boots & booty poking out of his favorite dumpster as he roots around for some buried treasure.

Screenshot-190He’s soon joined by.. well, I can’t tell who they are from this angle. *hehe*Screenshot-193The three of them keep these dumpsters occupied until the full moon begins its…oh for the love of all that is holy WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER TO TURN THAT OFF?

Screenshot-194Stupid full moon lighting. Even stupider zombies. However, I don’t need an extra of that appliance as I already have one, so it’s a decent digging day anyway.

Screenshot-188Wynan drifts off in blissful slumber, dreaming of being rich. (And yes, that table has four alarm clocks on it. LOL We’re going for points here.. they give me like diddly money-wise if I sell, but they’re a point apiece if I keep them. So keep them I shall.)

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 832, pics 22

Do over

Day 10

Screenshot-144The sun rises nice and early on our lovely little work-in-progress house. I extended the back a bit, made the side walls go all the way back, and added a little space there on the right where a staircase will go when it’s time to make a second story. Right now it’s just a hallway-to-nowhere that holds a bunch of chairs. Still no back wall, but we’ll get there.

Screenshot-145The lack of wall does make picture-taking so much easier though. Wynan ignores last night’s dishes and tops off with a juice box before heading out for a full day of dumpster diving.

Screenshot-146He dives til well past sunset. Mrs. Kaminski joins him, though she doesn’t dive with the same gusto as our Wynan does.

Screenshot-149Before long, Norman Joy heads over to give this dumpster diving thing a whirl.
Ruby (Broke) Joy: “Ugh, y’all are nasty. Honey get out of there.ย  If you think I’m touchin’ you after you been ruttin’ in the garbage, you best think again.”
LOL She literally came over just to stand by Norman (who SP had married her off to) and look disgusted at him.

Screenshot-150Still, it was an amazing haul – a few comfy living chairs, a fancy bookcase, a nicer table and coffee table, an exercise machine…and so of course when I clicked to go to save, my game froze. *sigh* After grumping at it forever and it not budging a bit, I had to concede victory to the game for this battle & quit with no save. Surely I wouldn’t lose much, right?

Screenshot-151Well, as it came back up with the lame full moon lighting in effect, I apparently lost the entire day. *sigh* At least all the changes to the house layout had been made. And look, I had finally remembered to add in “flooring” to the entire area (if the free stuff counts as flooring lol). Wynan finishes his day 9 supper (again), goes to bed (again), has some juice (again), pee break (again), and then dumpster dives all the livelong day (again). I was still pouty about losing a good day, so no pictures of the Day 10 do-over.

Screenshot-152Here’s the haul from Day 10 Bonus Remix Edition. Not near as good as the first version of this day, but we’ll take it. And we saved. BEFORE I placed the day’s gatherings this time.

Day 11
Screenshot-153On Day 11, Wynan gets things rolling by cutting some gems and putting them up for sale. None of the people in the store are too pleased – not with the loud sound of the gem cutter, and not with the scents wafting off of Wynan.

Screenshot-156But since the next thing he was going to do was shove his head in a dumpster, I didn’t figure I’d bother making him shower. C’mon, Wynan! Dig up somethin’ good!

He dove and dug until his social bar was looking pitiful. So when Yuri Ivanov started up a ghost story, I let Wynan take a break from the trash picking. Yuri, for his part, seemed only too delighted to thoroughly scare the bejeezers out of our poor Wynan Spirits. Look at him grinning as Wynan cringes and shakes. (I may or may not have been grinning just as much.)

Screenshot-160Here’s what he found today though. Looks like we’ll have an indoor stereo and an outdoor stereo. LOL A nicer TV, a rockin’ guitar, a table & three mismatched chairs… our place is coming along.

Screenshot-161Speaking of the place, here we go. Still no back wall, but I did give a bit of separation between the kitchen & dining. I’m sure things will get rearranged before the end, but at least for now the “flow” works okay.

And look! I took a picture of this momentous occasion: the first time Wynan spontaneously chose to shower. 11 days of constant digging through dumpsters and this is the first time that HE has been like “Hm, bet I’m a little ripe. Think I’ll just take a quick hop in the shower.” Good on ya, Wynan.

Day 12

Screenshot-163And.. opening the lid on a, erm, fresh? new day of dumpster diving. At least Wynan still looks happy about his chosen path.

Screenshot-164And he keeps at it until well after dark again, when I notice that his good buddy Meadow has joined him. I give him a bit of a break to chat at her before we call it a night and head home.

Screenshot-165We got nothing of much note today, mainly collectibles or smaller furniture.

Screenshot-166We did manage to dig up a food processor though. It got immediately placed inside on a counter. My hope is that this will help speed up his meal prep time. Since the food currently in the fridge is bad, let’s give ‘er a go. Oh Wynan, time to make some supper!

Screenshot-167And.. he gives the new food processor a pass and opts for chopping his veggies old school.ย  Maybe you can’t process veg for a salad? I went for salad so he didn’t burn his dream house down before the challenge even got started. LOL

Screenshot-168I make him spend a little bit of time before bed cleaning up the mess he constantly leaves in his wake. So. Many. Flies. And you’ve got a trash compactor right there. It’s not hard to toss it when you walk by, Wynan.

Screenshot-169And as I geared up to queue a pre-bed potty run for him, I noticed the state of the bathroom. Not only is the toilet filthy, it’s also not even flushed from last time. And even “better” than that? Take a peek at the shower. Yep, broken. This means that the ONE unprompted shower that Wynan has taken has led to a busted shower. I set him to the task of fixing it up, then have him wizz and head to bed. The toilet cleaning will just have to wait for another day.

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
word count 1001, pic count 22