Bailey’s NOT Pleased

Hello, good Spirits fans! Last week Jamie decided to do his homework, Brandy decided to do not much, Wynan decided to become a partner at a business (his fourth), and Bailey decided to get on the honor roll for her final day of elementary school. Oh yeah, and she’s a teen now…and not too thrilled that I announced her as spare. (Sorry Bailey fans! I do have reasons this time ’round at least lol). Now let’s start off with our sim check, as we do.

Screenshot-1559Brandy is showing the n00bs how it’s DONE.

Screenshot-1560Wynan is of course dumpster di–Wynan! Horses! Go go go! Trash will wait.

Screenshot-1565Wynan catches up with the wild stallions in an empty lot near home. Some wary approaching is allowed.

Screenshot-1564Squee! Successful treat feeding! If we weren’t nearing the end of Wynan’s reign, I’d make him befriend this gorgeous beastie. Oh wait.. we were doing a sim check weren’t we?

Screenshot-1566Ahem, moving on as planned. Jamie is also approaching an animal.

Screenshot-1568Good ole Guinness. This is the first time I’ve seen any of them autonomously take Guinness out of the tank. They’re great about keeping it clean & stocked with fresh food though.

Screenshot-1570Bailey wakes up, and is clearly still upset with me and my obviously poor decision.

Screenshot-1571She decides to take it out on a flamingo.

Screenshot-1572Make that two flamingos.

Screenshot-1573But she still can’t reach Kingo Flamingo.

Screenshot-1574Not that she gives up.

Screenshot-1575Oooh, sunrise over the river! (My easily-distracted nature is coming out in these screenies.)

Screenshot-1576And another one gone.

Screenshot-1578Bailey: “Take that, puny flamingo tribe. When I best you, I shall become heir!”

Umm… I in no way insinuated that…

Screenshot-1579Bailey: “Challenge accepted!”

Screenshot-1581At this point these flamingos should be scared.

Screenshot-1583Another one bites the dust.

Screenshot-1584The remaining herd continue to flock around King Flamingo, much to Bailey’s frustration.

Screenshot-1587More sunrise!

Screenshot-1588And more flamingo kicking. LOL

Screenshot-1589Still not able to reach the one she wants. At this point she’s been out there at this for HOURS. Seriously. Look at the sky. There was a moon beginning to set when she started (4ish?) Now the sky’s not even pink anymore.

Screenshot-1590Jameson has been inside, testing out couches and stuff. Important heir things. (Bailey screams in the background.)

Screenshot-1591Brandy senses a disturbance in her flamingos and heads outside to check on them.

Screenshot-1592Bailey finally stops, likely to avoid getting caught by Brandy, Champion of the Flamingos.

Bailey: “I have conquered more than half of their tribe. Their numbers are few. I shall return for the other six and my place on the Spirits throne.”

*sigh* The flamingos honestly have NOTHING to do with why either of you would get heirship.

Screenshot-1593Moving on. A little more diving for “buried” treasure for Wynan.

Screenshot-1595Then it’s off to the elixir store! He catches all the butterflies in the parking lot and then spots these glow beetles that are worth so much more, so we grab those too.

Screenshot-1596Inside, cutting & consigning happens, then I send him off to sell those insects at the science facility. Gotta keep making bank while I can still control him. And business partners is awesome. Getting simoleans for zero work? Sign me up! LOL Well.. sign my sims up.


Nobody Almost Dies!

So, last time around very nearly ended in tragedy for our dear old Wynan Spirits. Enough that I was rolling the details of what the next torch holder would do. Fortunately, Wynan rose like a phoenix from the ashes, or at least like a still-chilly sim from the frozen ground, and he will carry on a bit longer.

Screenshot-1523We start out with our freshly reset Wynan going a little loony back at home. (He had finished up last chapter by glitching inside of a fenced-in landscaped area and being unable to move, thus the reset.)

Screenshot-1524I get him started on something a little more lighthearted. He deserves the break.

Screenshot-1527When Jameson gets home, he immediately settles in to do his homework. I’m excited as he never made honor roll as a child, so maybe he’ll get it as teen. In the back you can see Brandy all upset. She had apparently gotten some papercuts or something at work and was super stressed out. I got the notification for that while Wynan was still frozen solid, so have not much sympathy for her “bad day.”

Screenshot-1528Bailey, meanwhile, totally came home with an A honor roll. Slaying elementary school, you go girl.

+5 for honor roll

Screenshot-1529And we finally let Wynan complete his wish of “meet someone new”. No glitches this time around.

Screenshot-1530Brandy appears to be conducting a little song for Bailey. (I’m honestly not sure why I took this shot. Super important things were going on, surely.)

Screenshot-1531THIS shot was because Wynan’s now a partner at.. I think that’s the bookstore? I dunno, whatever store’s behind him. This puts him at 4 of 5 businesses. Hoping to get one more before he has to pass on the torch, but it’ll be cutting it close.

Screenshot-1532Jamie’s still doing homework, and hating life because of it. Bailey whips hers out to do too.

Screenshot-1534Brandy’s out there playing in the leaf pile she so carefully raked earlier.

Screenshot-1536And then I decide to take you on a lovely scenery tour of the town at sunset, because my sims were being boring.


Screenshot-1544And a not-quite-so-glamorous sunset shot showing Wynan. This is one of very few times I’ve seen him disgusted by the dumpster. LOL Too bad. Keep diving. I want you to get partner at one more business.

Screenshot-1546Jameson is dreaming of the day he’s old enough to vote.

Screenshot-1548I put Wynan to work adding some new stuff to the fridge.

Screenshot-1549Bailey gets close to mom.

Screenshot-1550Like WAY TOO close. Stop trying to crawl into her soul, Bailey.

Screenshot-1551Thankfully, she heads out to play soon.

Screenshot-1552But not for long, because it’s apparently her birthday! The popup must have come while Wynan was frozen and I just couldn’t be bothered to remember. Oh well.. not ready for a party anyway. LOL

Screenshot-1553And so she sparkles and spins out of her childhood…Screenshot-1555…and into her teen years.

Bailey: “Behold, I am amazing.”

Screenshot-1556Yes, yes you are. You are about the most beautiful spare I could ask for.

Screenshot-1557Bailey: “Why thank y–wait, what? I’m the spare?!”

total – point worthy thing (bolded if it happened this chapter)
0 – For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter -5
0 – Passing Out -5
-5 – Self-Wetting -5 (toddler too, if potty trained)
0 – Non-Skilled Toddler -5
-5 – Eat Spoiled Food -5
-10 – Set a Fire -5
0 – Skip Work/School -10
0 – Failing School -20
0 – Demotion -20
0 – Social Worker Visit -30
0 – Getting Fired -30
0 – Accidental Death -40
+10 – Every Birth/Adoption +5
+5 – Honor Roll +5 (once per life stage)
+10 – Friends for Idiots +5 (each friend an idiot makes)
0 – Randomize every LTW & trait +10 (for a generation)
0 – Skilled Heir +10 (each skill the heir maxes)
0 – Successful Heir +20 (heir maxes career)
0 – Hands off the Spares HP +20 (for a generation)
0 – Every 100K simoleans +30
0 – Fulfilling LTW +40 (heir or idiot)
0 – Skilled Idiot +40 (idiot maxes a skill on own)
0 – Successful Idiot +50 (an idiot reaches the top of their career)
+5 = total points

Back to positive. Thanks, Bailey!

Not Wynan’s Day

Last week on We’ve Got Spirits.. Wynan attended a costume party and then fixed all the plumbing issues in our house. Brandy & Bailey were continuously thwarted by the flamingos insisting on being in the way of other flamingos. And Jameson kissed the neighbor while she was reprimanding him.. and unexpectedly it worked out well for him. Let’s settle in and see what my idiots get up to this time.

Screenshot-1471Jameson gets another high five for auto-skilling. He has 4 guitar, 3 logic, and is working on improving his 1 painting skill. You go, Jamie!

Screenshot-1473Bailey is.. at the flamingos. Again. Girl, let it go. Take a break for the night.

Screenshot-1476And I’m shocked speechless as she asks Jameson to read her to sleep, even if she does apparently want a true crime book as a bedtime story.

Screenshot-1477Wynan gets an opportunity that seems pretty easy. Workout, jog, swim. No problem. I have him start his workout at home.

Screenshot-1478Bridget is proving that you can kick over flamingos.. though she is also unable to kick the final one she wants to reach.

Screenshot-1479She gets over it fairly easy and waddles off, just in time for Jameson to approach.

Screenshot-1480Wynan jogged to a nearby creek, and all that’s left is to swim for 30 minutes. I queue up some dumpster diving for him after this.

Screenshot-1481And another flamingo bites the dust.

Screenshot-1482Brandy: “Why do they do this to me?”

Screenshot-1483Jamie, starts attacking himself.

Screenshot-1485Brandy figures he deserves it for his transgressions.

Screenshot-1486Jameson heads inside, tired. He settles on a couch, then looks upset that that didn’t fix the tired.

Screenshot-1487He stood up from the blue couch, moved to a dining chair for half a second, then stood up from that and walked into the den and settled on a pink couch. Um, still not right Jamie. You’re looking for a bed. It’s in your room. Go. Please?

Screenshot-1488Bridget and Brandy are school cheering again. Brandy, you also need sleep. The pregnant lady probably does too.

Screenshot-1489Jameson finally makes his way to his bed without passing out, and Brandy follows suit soon after. Whew.

I take a moment to catch up on my notifications & see something a little worrisome.

Screenshot-1490While I’ve been busy trying to watch my home idiots to see if anyone would pass out and lose me points, doofus here had been diving shirtless and barefoot in below-freezing temps. I frantically try to cancel the action and have him change into outerwear.

Screenshot-1491Alas I am too late and our fellow turns blue…

Screenshot-1493…and then…
Screenshot-1495…freezes solid. Once again, something that I didn’t even know was a thing. I try clicking on him, but there’s nothing he can do but lay there.

Screenshot-1496Bailey! You’re up! Your dad is frozen solid out behind the salon!

Screenshot-1497Bailey: “Hm, yeah a frozen treat sounds good right about now.”

Screenshot-1499Wynan continues to lay immobile.

Screenshot-1500Bailey: “SOME people are smart enough to dress for the weather.”

Is that.. tomato-flavored ice cream? Seriously, what is that a picture of? I’mma say it’s oranges.

Screenshot-1502Jameson is awake now too, and greeting the morning in his usual way.

Screenshot-1503Brandy also rises.

Screenshot-1504Bailey plays in the leaves, not a care in the world.

Screenshot-1505Wynan has many cares, or at least one very pressing one.

Screenshot-1506The kids head off to school. I like to think that Jamie’s phone call is someone telling him that there’s some half-naked man behind the salon.

Screenshot-1508Brandy heads off to work.

Screenshot-1509Wynan heads off to…nowhere. Seriously, if sims can autonomously be “heat of the moment” kissing each other into romantic partners, why can they not help out a frozen sim if they see one. There’s lots of people on this lot.

At this point, with all my other sims off at their rabbit holes and unusable by me even if they weren’t, I try to just accept the fact that Wynan’s reign will come to an end. My poor Wynan. My poor 40 points. I pull up my spreadsheet and dig out my D&D dice and get to doing my random rolls to find out what sorts of things will happen for the next generation as I assume the torch is being passed pretty well pronto.

Screenshot-1512As I was finishing the roll to determine next torch-holder’s career, a miracle occurred. 10:30 am comes along and the temperature rises to a balmy 37 degrees. Apparently this is enough to thaw a sim out on its own. Wynan Spirits lives to play another day! (And I get to keep my points, yay! LOL)

Screenshot-1513And first order of business is to change into outerwear like he should have done forever ago.

Screenshot-1515And then I immediately send him across the street to warm himself by the toasty fire in the elixir shop.

Screenshot-1516And since we’re there, we might as well cut the gems we have in our pockets.

Screenshot-1517And it’s off to consign them.

Screenshot-1518I place down all the gems & metals he got from the dumpster diving that almost killed him and tell him to “collect” it. So of course he goes out to get them off the frost-covered ground wearing THIS. I direct him to change to outerwear.

Screenshot-1519Or at least I thought I hit outerwear. LOL He changes into his pajamas to smelt his metals. I try again to force the outerwear. Shirts are not bad, okay Wynan? Especially when you can see your breath.

Screenshot-1520And then I make him pick up the flamingos.

Screenshot-1521ALL the flamingos. He rolls a wish to meet someone new. Alright. You’ve spent the last 12+ hours in a dumpster, frozen, or tending to plastic birds. I guess I can give you this. Off to the salon again. We know there’s people there!

Screenshot-1522So many people in fact that he glitches through the fence that surrounds the landscaping, and can’t get out to meet anyone. At this point I just reset him, saved, and quit before anything else could happen to him. Better luck next time, Wynan!

Parties & Plumbing

So admittedly not a lot of note happened last time. There’s a bit more action this go around. I know, you’re excited, me too. (I need to get on with the posting of these updates because in gameplay both kids are young adults already.)

Screenshot-1429We start out with a sim check, as always. Wynan had invited over the neighbors again because I am determined that he really hoped that Jameson and the neighbor girl would hit it off. He then proceeds to dance with his wife and ignore the doorbell. Jamie ignores it too. There are dishes to do after all. Priorities.

Screenshot-1430Bailey had to go answer the door.. and the only one of the whole household that came was Bridget.
Bridget: “Is she still staring? Don’t make eye contact.”
Yeah, Bailey can have that effect on people. Mainly I think she wants that chair.

Screenshot-1431In absence of the chair, Bailey stomps out to what I like to think of as the Flamingo Garden. She’s still determined to get that central flamingo, ever since Jameson pointed out that THAT one couldn’t be kicked.

Screenshot-1433Wynan abandons his guest leaves Bridget in the company of Brandy and Bailey, and hauls Jameson over to the neighbors house. If you can’t force ’em to your house, go to theirs.
Wynan: “So, uh, how about that weather huh? I’ll just leave you two to talk about it.”

He had accepted a costume party request at Purple Man’s house (Purple Man once refused wee Jamie a bedtime story.. but he said Wynan’s party was epic, so he’s cool in Wynan’s book. And it looks like his actual name is Tony, so I’ll try to remember that.)

Screenshot-1434Back at the Spirits house, Bridget is still just chilling in the rocking chair while these two are the worst hostesses ever.

Bailey: “Why won’t these stupid flamingos get out of my way? I need to kick That Flamingo..”
Brandy: “With all these other flamingos in the way, how will I ever stand up that poor fallen flamingo?”

Screenshot-1435Jamie, you so awkward. It’s endearing. Without dad to guide the conversation he’s just like “Oh, um, hi Anya. *waves from four steps away*”

Screenshot-1437No progress on The Flamingo Situation. LOL

Screenshot-1438Woo woo, you are SMOKIN’! (Get it? Cuz he’s dressed as a firefighter?)

Screenshot-1439Oh my, looks like there was some excitement at Tony’s place as they set up for the party. Props to the wife for laboring in a hot dog costume & heels. I have no idea what the baby’s original name was because I renamed her Dolma. All wrapped up in what looks like a giant grape leaf, how could I not?

Screenshot-1441Wynan goes to congratulate Tony & baby Dolma on what is sure to be a rockin’ party. And oh my.. what’s this in the background? Someone arrived in the same costume as Wynan. Awkward.

Screenshot-1442While watching the party, I get a popup that Jamie is behaving inappropriately at the Kincaid house, so I zip over there to see what’s up. He was heading to take a shower (even though his hygiene bar was FINE.. like seriously two thirds full at least.) Anya came in to let him know that wasn’t appropriate to do at a guest’s house.. by talking about ink wells.

Screenshot-1443And then, with the person person minuses still flying, he kissed her. I’m all like, “Well. That escalated quickly.” O.O

Screenshot-1444Anya: “Jameson!”
Jamie: “I’m sorry. That was too far, wasn’t it? I just.. you’re so pretty and I heard you talking about ink wells and misread the signals. *heart breaks*”

Screenshot-1445Anya: “C’mere you.”

Okay. That is.. what even just happened? LOL So I looked, and it was a “Heat of the Moment” kiss. I had thought those were tied to a trait, and I certainly didn’t know it could be autonomous. How is half my town not just sucking face left and right? LOL But hey, if they both liked it..

Screenshot-1446..and they did ;).. then I’m all for this. They’re at “romantic interest” now, and all because old fashioned writing implements get these teens goin’.

Screenshot-1447Also, Smoosh approves.

Screenshot-1448Brandy has given up. The perseverance level of Bailey, however, is unrivaled. She WILL get That Flamingo down. Though at moment she appears to be thinking of her mom, who is nowhere in sight. She’s definitely not in the way, so let’s hope she’s not wanting to kick Brandy. LOL

Screenshot-1449A little nibble for Guinness, cuz they all love their turtle.

Screenshot-1450Wynan’s watching TV at the party, cuz Food Network is always more fun at a party than at home.

Screenshot-1451Bailey starts a ghost story. It’s probably about the day all the plastic flamingos fell over, never to stand up again. Muahahahaha..

Screenshot-1452And then she tries to sell Bridget on a pyramid scheme. (By the way, Bridget had a baby belly pop while she was being ignored by these two. Apparently Story Progression thinks another Kincaid baby is needed.)

Screenshot-1453Wynan thanks Tony for a lovely party… and then autonomously decides to “mooch large amount of money from Tony.” Like, who has more money than a brand new father that has 5 people living in a 2 bedroom house? But Tony spots him the money anyway. Best party ever.

Screenshot-1454Brandy & Bridget are doing a school cheer.

Screenshot-1455Spooky day is here! These are the Kincaid teens on our porch. I love the cow theme.. cowplant for Leon, cow girl for Anya.

Screenshot-1456Bailey: “MOM! Doorbell!”
Brandy: “Hang on one minute. I need to go do what my child won’t.”

Screenshot-1457And that got me to wondering.. if everyone’s out of the Kincaid house, what’s Jamie doing? I about died when I saw him digging in their trash can. Your old man would be so proud, Jamie. Find anything?

Screenshot-1459Jamie: “Nothing but proof they have a dog.”
Ew. Moving on.

Screenshot-1460Treats all around for the trick or treaters. And I now know that I need a non-ISBI save just so I can play all the fun stuff the kids can do with Seasons.

Screenshot-1461Wynan gets home from his party and I immediately set him to work on plumbing. Not only is the toilet overflowing, but the shower’s broken too.

Screenshot-1462And as someone enters the shower (the booby-trapped shower) at the other bathroom, I can see from their thought bubble that that toilet is clogged as well.

Screenshot-1463Working that porcelain butter churn until the blockage is all gone.

Screenshot-1464Wynan: “OMG, the shower too?!”
Yup. If you used showers, you might have noticed before now. Go fix it.

Screenshot-1465It occurs to Bridget that she might be pregnant. LOL Judging from the fridge fumes, it might also be bad food. She’s not one of mine, so I don’t have to count it.

Screenshot-1467Jameson is eager to see the results of his shower prank handiwork. See the neon yellow pixel “hair” in the shower? That’s what Bailey’s gonna have.

Screenshot-1468Or at least it’s what she would have had. However, she stepped out and then immediately right back in again. The censor pixels never even got a chance to go away. Unfair. I wanted to see her look ridiculous.

Screenshot-1469Wynan cleans out the fridge (apparently with one of Dolma’s blankets) before anyone can eat the junk , then sets off to plunge the other stopped toilet.

Screenshot-1470And Brandy mops up the lake from the other bathroom, which will actually help now that everything isn’t busted.

Mostly rain and kicking

Last time.. well, last time we mainly met the neighbor’s dog. I totally hope my idiots befriend that doggo.. and I think I’ll use Nraas to make sure Smoosh has puppers that perhaps we can adopt. Ya know, cuz we need one more thing to take care of and not be able to control. LOL Anyway, if I recall, these pictures are mainly filler. I apologize in advance. I take too many screenies of my sims. Let’s start with a sim check.

Screenshot-1399Jamie’s settling in to bed.

Screenshot-1400Brandy’s gaining nerd cred.

Screenshot-1401Wynan is, of course, upended in a dumpster.

Screenshot-1402Bailey is up bright and early (well.. still dark and very early actually), clutching her stomach because of the hunger pains.

Screenshot-1403I keep an eye out, but this girl is bright enough to not choose one of the foods that have green fumes rising off.

Screenshot-1404Wynan just notices that it’s raining. Nice catch, my man. It’s only been raining for like 24 hours solid at least. Seriously, your whole town would be washed away in floods if this wasn’t sim rain which never makes the water level rise.

Screenshot-1405Bailey heads in to use the toilet that her brother clogged last update. Girl, we have TWO other toilets. What is the appeal of this one?

Screenshot-1406As the sky brightens, Wynan settles in to work on his garden.

Screenshot-1407Jameson wakes up, and makes the face that he always makes upon waking. Same, kid, same.

Screenshot-1408Or maybe he’s salty because it’s spooky day and he knows I won’t be directing them to trick-or-treat (which is a shame because I’ve not played with Seasons enough to get to do that. It hurts me as much as it hurts you, Jamie.)

Screenshot-1409At least Bailey is cleaning up the overflow puddle. Still.. might I suggest a different bathroom next time?

Screenshot-1410Jameson heads outside.. and does this. Adorbs! *pinches pixel cheeks*

Screenshot-1416Apparently he was all swoony over the sight of a rainbow. Or maybe just jazzed that the rain was taking a break.

Screenshot-1411Not swoony enough though. He still wanted to kick that flamingo. But he can’t. Because flamingo. It’s obviously a very specific flamingo that he has it out for.

Screenshot-1412Bailey has no such level of pickiness.

Screenshot-1414Bailey: “There. That’s how it’s done. I can’t believe you couldn’t even kick a flamingo.”
Jameson: “I could have kicked A flamingo. I want to kick THAT flamingo, in the middle. Not possible.”

Screenshot-1415And Bailey accepts the challenge-that-wasn’t-a-challenge, and starts stomping about not being able to reach the middle flamingo.

Screenshot-1417I set Wynan to doing some parenting. He reminds Jameson to do his homework. Jamie appears to be less than impressed with this.

Screenshot-1419And I send him out to where Bailey is still trying to get The Untouchable Flamingo so he can tell her to do her work too. She sasses him in her mind, but does head inside to do it.

Screenshot-1420Well.. it’s no Smoosh, but here’s a pic of Guinness the red spiny turtle to prove that my idiots are still keeping him alive just fine.

Screenshot-1426Jameson: “Don’t give dad such a hard time. Doing your schoolwork will help you get a good job.”
Bailey: “That’s lame. I don’t need to do this. I already know how I’m going to make my fortune. A criminal can make bank as long as you’re smart.”
Jameson: “What? That’s a terrible idea!”
Bailey: “Settle down. I just have to not get caught and it’s perfect.”
Jameson: “I.. can’t even.”

(I cracked up that she brought this up as a speech topic and was so happy about it while Jamie was shaking his head like “girl, no, just no.”)

Screenshot-1427Having done all the parenting he’s gonna do that day, Wynan heads off to finish his gardening.

Screenshot-1428With dad off her case, Bailey heads back out to the front yard to continue her quest to  prove her brother wrong.

Not even our dog

Last time, we had some excitement of the idiot variety as Wynan electrocuted himself and started a fire while fixing the busted dishwasher. He did manage to put out the fire, and to fix the dishwasher after, so he’s a little redeemed. Brandy stopped cooking all the darn time, but then decided to eat spoiled food. And the kids shocked me silly by having one brief positive interaction rather than rivalry/indifference.

Screenshot-1364And because I wanted to try to get the rest of my idiots to meet the neighbors too, Wynan invited the Kincaids from across the street over. We told the whole household to come along.

Screenshot-1363Including the dog, Smoosh, because I freaking love her to smooshy widdle bits GAH!

Screenshot-1365The adults both noped out of the invite, so we’re stuck with the two kids and the dog. Wynan starts up a game of tag with Anya and Jameson.

Screenshot-1366Leon and Smoosh have the sense to stay inside out of the rain.

Screenshot-1367Aw look, even Bailey likes Smoosh. She’s not completely cold-hearted!

Screenshot-1368Jameson heads in to watch TV. I see Anya stomping up soon after and chuckle. I can only guess she lost the game of tag. Sorry, cutie, in this house these kids have had tons of practice with tag (and frisbee) thanks to mom.

Screenshot-1369Case in point, Brandy is out there now, probably inviting Bailey to do one of those two things. Or… *looks closer*

Screenshot-1370Good gravy! Look at her eyes! They’re just whites! Is she possessed? Summoning something? And here I thought her little soul was thawing.

Screenshot-1371I needed something to get that image out of my head. Goodest good girl in all the land fits the bill exactly. Strike a pose on our couch any time, Smoosh.

Screenshot-1372Jamie has managed to keep up a stunted conversation with both of the actual humans while I fawn over the dog.

Screenshot-1376And out of curiosity, I check to see how old Anya is. Wouldn’t you know it, today is her birthday. In like two hours, she’s aging up. I didn’t want her to leave yet, so we threw her a party. Her brother Leon and Jameson cheered her on.

The moment of truth.

Screenshot-1379And she’s gorgeous. Pssst, Jameson, don’t you think she’s gorgeous? *dies a little inside that I can’t just MAKE him interact with her*

Screenshot-1381And my idiots are much better about sitting at the inside table while the neighbors are here. Usually they all haul their food out to the back deck.

Screenshot-1382Brandy scolds Smoosh for something, I guess. *sad face* She did nothing. No puddles, no chewing, no barking. Might have sniffed her.

Screenshot-1383Anya makes a move on Jameson….’s guitar. LOL You two could grow up to make beautiful music together you know. (Right around here SP notifies me that Anya has just gained a Painting skill point. I’m super impressed. Playing guitar but learning to paint.)

Screenshot-1384Wynan. Back UP. One big step. Your belly should not touch his while you converse.

Screenshot-1385Muuuch better.

Screenshot-1386And look! Yay! They migrated back together after all!

Screenshot-1387Wynan heads out, off for a night of dumpster digging.

Screenshot-1388Brandy is.. well I’m not totally sure what she’s doing. School cheer maybe?

Screenshot-1389Jameson: “Uh, toilet’s clogged.”

What do you mean clogged? It’s fine.

Screenshot-1390Oh. You were just giving me a heads up. *sigh* Well, dad’ll have to get to it when he gets back.

Screenshot-1391And then Jamie hops in for a quick shower, and I giggle because he apparently grows a ponytail just for the shower.

Screenshot-1392Bailey is zonked out, cuz it’s late.

Screenshot-1394Neighbors head home, cuz it’s late. Jamie didn’t quite manage a friendship, so I’m sure we’ll visit later.

Screenshot-1395Except Smoosh! Smoosh is sacked out on our floor (cuz it’s late). Wonder how long she’ll stay.

Screenshot-1396Not super long. She woke up and galloped across the street as soon as she realized her people had gone. Bye Smoosh! See you later! (Can you invite over just a pet? LOL)

Screenshot-1397And despite the late hour, despite the pouring rain, Wynan goes on gathering treasure from trash.

Hey, the dishwasher’s broken

Hope y’all aren’t totally full of Spirits yet. I managed a chapter only a week after the craziness that was last month! Woot! Let’s see.. last time Wynan gathered trash treasure and fixed things, Brandy attempted to set the house on fire prepared several meals, Bailey set her sights on a teenage boy that Jameson brought home from school, and Jamie ignored said classmate in favor of playing guitar.. and still almost made friends with him. Go team!

A quick check in finds our sims where we left them – Wynan in the dumpster, Brandy in bed. Bailey woke up at what should have been bedtime starving, so she grabbed a hot dog. Jameson’s wrapping up guitar practice for the night. Incidentally, Wynan trash-picked that guitar as is.. and it totally matches Jamie’s color scheme. I think it needs to be officially his.

Screenshot-1293Jameson heads over to get a plate as his sister finishes up.

Jamie: “Man, this place is trashed.”

Screenshot-1294Bailey: “Yeah, it’s because mom broke the dishwasher. Again.”

Screenshot-1296Jameson decides to recognize that his energy level is tanked, and heads to bed.

Screenshot-1300Wynan gets home and Bailey immediately puts him to work.

Bailey: “Father! We desire our dishwasher to be in working order. Make it so!”
Wynan: “Yes, m’lady.”

Hehe, he’s always willing to indulge her ruling.

Screenshot-1305And off to work he goes on fixing that dishwasher.

Screenshot-1306Yikes! Guess those rubber soles didn’t help save him this time! (Incidentally, I know you can’t see the top of the green progress meter here, but it is literally a hair away from the top. One more poke with a screwdriver and the thing would have been fixed. He has like 8 handiness now and has managed to not fry himself the other thousand times he’s had to repair this dishwasher. LOL)

Screenshot-1307Luckily he was just singed and not croaked.

Screenshot-1309UNluckily, his singed self can’t even go shower off the soot yet. He’s the only one who can address the fire. He casts a glance to make sure his baby girl is out of the way..

-5 for fire

Screenshot-1310…points the nozzle directly at his face..

(NO, Wynan. No. It goes toward the fire. Just aim it that way.)

Screenshot-1311..and finally gets to work on the flames. Bailey runs over with some concerns.


Screenshot-1313Jameson wakes up and comes running out to add to the list of concerns for Wynan.

Jamie: “Oh my god, but I’M STILL TIRED!”

Screenshot-1315And to round things out, Brandy wakes to join the fray.

Brandy: “Did someone say the DISHWASHER WAS BROKEN?!”
Jameson: “Oh my god, mom! My eyes! Not enough mind bleach. Could you not get dressed?”

ALL of you. The problem is A FIRE. Not the broken dishwasher. Not interrupted sleep. Not therapy you’ll need for your mom roaming the house in her undies.

Screenshot-1317Wynan gets things under control. Brandy considers her life goals, while the two children acknowledge that the other made it through unscathed.

Screenshot-1319Wynan ran off to shower quick and I managed to capture this – an actual positive interaction. I’m sure it went something like “Good job not dying in the fire.”

Screenshot-1320A newly unsinged Wynan runs back into the kitchen. Bailey’s trying to get my attention by autonomously taking out the trash.

Screenshot-1323One good thing about the fire – it dried up much of the puddle. Specifically the part by the dishwasher. So we set Wynan to fixing again, and he’s able to get ‘er done this time.

Screenshot-1325Jameson is distressed that he can’t kick that flamingo. Sure there are multiple flamingos that he can access, but he wants to kick that one. And he can’t. Because there are flamingos in the way.

Screenshot-1327Bailey continues on with her sucking up by feeding Guinness.

Screenshot-1329Wynan sneaks up on Bailey from the front, while she stares him down the whole way.

Wynan: “BLARG!”
Bailey: “Eek. Much scary. Very fright. Wow.”

Screenshot-1331And Wynan is off in the rain to collect any stones I can see. Which means a long run, because I know where no stones spawn in this town except for by the stone henge thing.

Screenshot-1332Brandy checks the stove. It’s off. No one’s used it today. And no one’s GOING to, because we already have meals made. RIGHT BRANDY?

Screenshot-1333Jamie sacks out, cuz he’s tired thanks to the broken sleep before.

Screenshot-1335Bailey proves that she doesn’t ALWAYS look like she’s plotting something evil.

Bailey: “Of course. I need to practice my innocent face. It’s an integral part of my don’t-get-caught plan.”

Screenshot-1338Brandy is apparently just terrified of the kitchen in general. LOL She’s adorable when she’s nervous though, so I snapped a shot.

Screenshot-1340Wynan stands in the mist, pondering what’s the meaning of stone henge.

(for funsies, I love this song: Stonehenge by Ylvis Um, maybe don’t have kids around when watching.)

Screenshot-1341And back at home I see this. I know it’s no baby, and a peek at the moodlets confirms it’s from bad food.

Brandy: “You said to eat what was in the fridge!”

Yes well not the stuff with green fumes rising off of it. You just cooked yesterday. Any of that, which is also in the fridge, would have also been fine.

-5 for bad food

And good ole Guinness is getting his cage cleaned while he peacefully snoozes away. Guinness may be the best taken care of member of this household.

Brandy comes up to hug Bailey for her hard work and is then challenged to a game of tag.

Screenshot-1347And so off they go.

Screenshot-1348Jamie continues to sleep.

Screenshot-1351Wynan’s off cutting and consigning what he found. It took him roughly one and a half forevers running around to gather what he can find in a few trips through the dumpster. We’re likely going to stick to just diving for stones from now on. Oof.

Screenshot-1353The girls are just wrapping up their game of tag as he gets back home.

Screenshot-1354Jamie’s up, and still not thrilled with being awake. He changes into his swimsuit and heads outside.

Screenshot-1356To take out his frustration on those poor flamingos.

Screenshot-1357And a shot just because I never did get a truly GOOD picture of his face before. He’s a handsome little idiot. And a decent enough mix of mom and dad that I’m not bored (and of course that bonus red hair from somewhere.)

Screenshot-1359Wynan gets tasked with increasing that garden size since he gathered seeds while he was gathering stones.

Screenshot-1360And we’ll leave it with this picture of Jameson booby-trapping the shower. He’s the one with the lowest hygiene bar, so it’ll be fun to see if he gets caught in his own trap.

total – point worthy thing (bolded if it happened this chapter)
0 – For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter -5
0 – Passing Out -5
-5 – Self-Wetting -5 (toddler too, if potty trained)
0 – Non-Skilled Toddler -5
-5 – Eat Spoiled Food -5
-10 – Set a Fire -5
0 – Skip Work/School -10
0 – Failing School -20
0 – Demotion -20
0 – Social Worker Visit -30
0 – Getting Fired -30
0 – Accidental Death -40
+10 – Every Birth/Adoption +5
0 – Honor Roll +5 (once per life stage)
+5 – Friends for Idiots +5 (each friend an idiot makes)
0 – Randomize every LTW & trait +10 (for a generation)
0 – Skilled Heir +10 (each skill the heir maxes)
0 – Successful Heir +20 (heir maxes career)
0 – Hands off the Spares HP +20 (for a generation)
0 – Every 100K simoleans +30
0 – Fulfilling LTW +40 (heir or idiot)
0 – Skilled Idiot +40 (idiot maxes a skill on own)
0 – Successful Idiot +50 (an idiot reaches the top of their career)
-5 total points

(note: the “friends for idiots” didn’t happen this chapter. I was looking through and noticed that apparently Bailey is friends with a boy named Elliot. It must have happened one of the times that she just decided to stay out on the town until after dark. *shrug* No idea, but I’m taking those points. LOL Also, I know my point things are different than the basic rules. My idiots seem to be not too idiotic at least thus far, so we’re making the stakes big for big things. Accidentally killing yourself seems like it should be a much bigger deal than skipping work/school, or peeing yourself a couple times.)