Diving In

Day 4

Screenshot-73Wynan sees some things out to salvage at the junkyard. I set him to grabbing a couple, then think to double-check the rules. They don’t specifically say he CAN’T use salvaged junkyard goods… but they don’t say he can either. I decide I’mma let him keep these ones as it’s in the spirit of “one-man’s-trash-is-the-only-stuff-I-can-have”, but if I have him “restore” them, they will count as bought items rather than dumpster items. For his part, he seems bummed that I didn’t have him salvage every item there.
Wynan: “Why do I not have that chair too?”
Cuz it doesn’t count, and I have fixed the dumpsters. Find stuff in those.

Screenshot-71Wynan tries them to see if they really do open.

Screenshot-72They do! And he throws himself into his, er, work.

Screenshot-75He forgot to mooch his breakfast before setting out from the firehouse, so he has to head to the playground earlier than normal. Once there, there’s no one around. He heads to the restroom to make faces at himself in the mirror.

Screenshot-76His good-lookin’ mug can’t distract him from his empty belly for long though. Sorry, sweet cheeks, no one has materialized any food out there yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Screenshot-77I make him queue up some teeth brushing & hand washing to stay busy. And if it clears up the odor a bit, bonus.

Screenshot-79Soon this delightful little old lady arrives and sets up a picnic basket. Wynan is all over her like stink on.. well.. Wynan.

Screenshot-81He takes his customary spot in the clubhouse rather than at one of the picnic tables. I can’t decide if this is because he doesn’t want to subject others to his stench.. or if he just wants to be closer to the toybox in case I give him a few minutes of free will. (Spoiler alert: I don’t.)

Screenshot-83Another newly functional dumpster has been placed behind the gym. Wynan investigates.

Screenshot-86He digs the rest of the evening, even when Carlotta and her dad show up to play catch. Why they chose to go behind the gym and stand by the dumpster to do so is beyond me, but hey different strokes for different folks. (Different whims for different sims?)

Screenshot-87Wynan kept his focus though, until he just ran out of energy.

Screenshot-88One more mooched shower….

Screenshot-89….and he steals away to a bed because he’s sure they (still) won’t mind. Enjoy it for now, buddy. You need to be sleeping in your own bed by week end.

Screenshot-90And here we have our collection at the end of Day 4.

Day 5
Screenshot-94He’s up in the morning to raid the firehouse fridge’s meager supplies and throw some cereal in the general direction of his mouth hole.

Screenshot-95All day is spent here, at the dumpsters outside the junkyard. Just imagine this same pose, with the sun at different points in the sky lighting his lower half differently.

Screenshot-96At least it was fruitful. This is our small collection at the end of Day 5. The only purchased item is one counter, because they wouldn’t let me set the microwave on the ground, on the desk, on the table… and I needed it placed by midnight. 🙂

Day 6

Screenshot-97As the sun prepares to rise on Day 6, Wynan is dreaming of fame & fortune that he’s apparently finding at the bottom of a dumpster. I’ll let him enjoy it; it’s his last night in the firehouse. 😛
Screenshot-100He mooches one last quick meal there too.
Wynan: “Man, there’s just something about fire station bread & jam, ya know?”
No. No I do not know, Wynan.

Screenshot-107It’s Friday and with the weekend looming, construction begins. Insects have been sold as we go, gems have been cut & taken to consignment, and now one copy of most double items are sold. We bought a counter, a fridge, a toilet, and a shower. He now has a small home with a living room, study, and bathroom. We have $19 and no bed, but hey, he can sleep on the couch if need be. Besides, we’ve got another day to get some consignment sales, and another day of diving. Maybe we’ll luck out. No more free ride at the fire house.

Screenshot-101I get ready to have him make some hot dogs before leaving the lot… only to figure out that by buying just ONE counter and setting the microwave on it, he can’t grill because no free counter space. (Why is this not an issue with grills at community lots?) Ah well. A second counter and a bed will be our priority from today’s haul. Fingers crossed.
Wynan: “But I want a stove.”
Yeah well you can’t cook on a stove without a counter either. Counter first, then bed. Stove will wait.

Screenshot-102We set off to do the consignment run. After putting his items up for sale, I let our poor social Wynan take a break from constant refuse to fill up his social meter. He greets Meadow, and hearts fly. Too bad, Wynan, we’re not looking for love..  yet. You’ve got two more weeks of trash bachelor life. Besides, that woman could croak you. Look at those ARMS!

Screenshot-104Wynan, no! Did you not hear my warning about her biceps! Oh. Just tag, as adults do. A few more minutes of that…

Screenshot-106…and it’s off to the daily grind. But hey, at least he’s not alone!

He dives in (and dives in again) until it’s 9pm. Apparently some of the other residents have noticed him making a home out of literally nothing but trash, and now the junkyard dumpsters are a happening place.

Screenshot-109Here is the haul from today.

Screenshot-110He’s exhausted when he gets home, but I bought him that extra counter and by golly I’m gonna have him use it.

Wynan is obviously a fierce believer in the five second rule (and generous with his definition of five seconds to boot). But at least he has a stocked fridge now.

Screenshot-114With the proceeds from the consignment store & the insects, we were able to build some more foundation on the back of the house. Who needs walls? We also have exactly zero dollars (note the one corner of foundation that’s not filled in because we had insufficient funds. LOL) We WOULD have had enough, but somebody still hasn’t managed to dig up a bed. I got him one of the cheapest money could buy, parting with the second television to do so.

Still, I’m pretty happy with where we’ve gotten in our six days. Maybe in the next few days we can work on walls. Or a stove.

Stuff bought:
2 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed

word count 1001, pic count 32


7 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. Woot, well done on the house, Wynan! I’m impressed you’ve found a dining table, my sims can never seem to dig one up.

    Pro tip – if you get Wynan to do his laundry (does he have both washer and dryer?) then a change of clothes will give him half hygiene back. So much quicker than a shower.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I keep selling off his dryers. He hasn’t dug up any washers yet. I just don’t like having them leave clothes all over the place (or else put hampers everywhere) and then having to DO the laundry (and switch the laundry).. meh. So I just don’t get washers, so my sims never do laundry. LOL

      At least as a slob, Wynan doesn’t mind that he’s constantly in red hygiene, so “slob” is a good thing. Now, when the ISBI portion starts and I have a house full of sims and only him that I can direct to clean.. that might be a different story.


  2. Cindy Barber

    Oh my goodness, he is doing really well on getting things for the house. It’s too bad you couldn’t find a bed, but this is a super fun challenge to read about. I might have to try it sometime. Nice job so far!

    Liked by 1 person

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