Digging Deeper

Day 7

Screenshot-115The sun rises over a peaceful and picturesque Riverview scene.

Screenshot-116Our good buddy Wynan Spirits has also risen, though his view is much less picturesque.

Screenshot-117A little less peaceful too, since half the town decides to flock to the junkyard lot. Skip & Susie Broke play catch (seriously the only place I’ve seen sims play catch is by dumpsters. Admittedly, I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at these dumpsters aas well. LOL)

Screenshot-118And here we have more than half a dozen sims crammed into the little shack on the junkyard property. Apparently Jon Lessen decided to have an impromptu jam session in there and no one could resist. Also, I know he’s hard to see, but the guy in the middle of the pic in the back? His name is Roy. He’s new in town, along with his sisters Gee and Biv. *hehe* As I was make-overing my town, I decided that no amount of help could fix the Grisbys. They, um, moved. I replaced them with a handful of berry sims in keeping with the “unique looks” theme. So these siblings got placed, along with Boolprop’s House Motherlode mascots, and one other “slightly berry” sim. We’ll see if they keep to themselves or spread their shining colors around the town. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-119Wynan continues to dig in the garbage until his phone rings. His social’s getting low, so I let him pause to answer it.
Wynan: “Oh hey, Meadow! No, not busy. I was just…cleaning.”
ROFL No one’s believing that, bucko.

Screenshot-120At the end of the day, this is his haul. He would of course find a bed the DAY AFTER I caved and bought him one. And a nicer one to boot. So we sell his old one so that it’s not on the bought list, and he gets to upgrade to this plush, straight-from-the-dump bed.

Day 8

Screenshot-124If you were wondering, still no walls back there. Also I apparently forgot to put the floor throughout the living area. LOL

Screenshot-123And the luxurious open-air kitchen is great for the flies. Nothing to hinder them from swarming in to hang around the dishes Wynan leaves everywhere. My money’s on him leaving that juice box on the table too.

Wynan’s at the junkyard digging. I was apparently bored of dumpster screenshots, so here’s a couple of the other berries. Biv, baby sister to Roy from the day before. This means one of her siblings must have been on this lot, but no pics of them. πŸ˜› And on the right, we see Silver Kaching, Boolprop.net’s House Motherlode mascot, trying to decide if she wants to dig through the junk here.

Screenshot-136Because I found one mascot, I scouted around town. Finally found Richie Simolean… driving his sports car. Because of course he has a sports car. ROFL Other than setting these two down in town, I haven’t touched them, and won’t, but well.. That’s So Richie. πŸ˜›

Screenshot-131As the day was wrapping up, I got a notification of some flirting going on between these two. Sure enough.. (And I realize that likely none of this about these two will make a difference to anyone not on boolprop.net so I promise to not show much of them. Wynan’s the star here. I just needed a break from taking screenies of the dump. He’s been there all day. Digging. In the trash. It looks just like it did the last two updates.)

Screenshot-132So instead of the dumpster itself, here’s what he pulled OUT of the dumpster. Those appliances will get sold (we have a dishwasher already and I am NOT dealing with washer/dryer.) Maybe we’ll splurge on some walls.

Screenshot-133My don’t we look fancy! We’re getting ourselves some curb appeal. Especially for those who find furniture on the front lawn appealing.

Screenshot-134Don’t be totally fooled though. The sides extend all the way back now, but we still have no rear wall, and no siding on the sides nor paint on the inside. Still.. baby steps. Gotta have some left to pay the bills.

Day 9

Screenshot-137Day 9 finds us annoying the elixir shop patrons with the loud sound of the gem cutter, and then putting those stones up for consignment.

Screenshot-139After that, it’s off to the salon to try out the haul from their dumpster.
Wynan: “Deep breath in through the mouth so you don’t smell anything…”

“…close mouth, hold breath, prepare to dive.”
And dive and dive and dive. You still don’t have a stove and you’ve wished for that since like day one. Put your mind to it, Wynan! *fills queue*

Screenshot-142Oh hey look, there’s one of the other berries. Her name is Sommer. I know you can’t really tell because I STILL forgot to turn off the lame full moon lighting, but her skin is a pale green. She’s a cutie. Take my word for it though, because they’re in the dark in the weird moonlight. (Note to self: No really. Disable the moon lighting.)

Screenshot-143All in all a pretty “meh” haul from the actual diving today. Maybe the salon dumpster is just not as lucrative. LOL At least we got a decent bit from our consignment. I’ll be fiddle a bit with the house from those funds. Tune in next time to see its progress, and to see still more dumpster diving pics.

Total things bought:
2 counters
1 fridge
1 toilet
1 shower
1 bed (he found one and sold the one he had bought)

word count 903, pic count 20


4 thoughts on “Digging Deeper

  1. LOL, those sims sure like to hang around with Wynan, hey? I don’t think I’ve seen so many sims on such a tiny lot.

    Good idea to put some fun sims in town, give you something to do while Wynan is doing his diving thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy Barber

    Enjoyed the sims watching. I started this challenge myself and yes, diving in the trash pretty much looks the same no matter where you do it. Still, he’s getting a good house going.

    Liked by 1 person

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