Do over

Day 10

Screenshot-144The sun rises nice and early on our lovely little work-in-progress house. I extended the back a bit, made the side walls go all the way back, and added a little space there on the right where a staircase will go when it’s time to make a second story. Right now it’s just a hallway-to-nowhere that holds a bunch of chairs. Still no back wall, but we’ll get there.

Screenshot-145The lack of wall does make picture-taking so much easier though. Wynan ignores last night’s dishes and tops off with a juice box before heading out for a full day of dumpster diving.

Screenshot-146He dives til well past sunset. Mrs. Kaminski joins him, though she doesn’t dive with the same gusto as our Wynan does.

Screenshot-149Before long, Norman Joy heads over to give this dumpster diving thing a whirl.
Ruby (Broke) Joy: “Ugh, y’all are nasty. Honey get out of there.  If you think I’m touchin’ you after you been ruttin’ in the garbage, you best think again.”
LOL She literally came over just to stand by Norman (who SP had married her off to) and look disgusted at him.

Screenshot-150Still, it was an amazing haul – a few comfy living chairs, a fancy bookcase, a nicer table and coffee table, an exercise machine…and so of course when I clicked to go to save, my game froze. *sigh* After grumping at it forever and it not budging a bit, I had to concede victory to the game for this battle & quit with no save. Surely I wouldn’t lose much, right?

Screenshot-151Well, as it came back up with the lame full moon lighting in effect, I apparently lost the entire day. *sigh* At least all the changes to the house layout had been made. And look, I had finally remembered to add in “flooring” to the entire area (if the free stuff counts as flooring lol). Wynan finishes his day 9 supper (again), goes to bed (again), has some juice (again), pee break (again), and then dumpster dives all the livelong day (again). I was still pouty about losing a good day, so no pictures of the Day 10 do-over.

Screenshot-152Here’s the haul from Day 10 Bonus Remix Edition. Not near as good as the first version of this day, but we’ll take it. And we saved. BEFORE I placed the day’s gatherings this time.

Day 11
Screenshot-153On Day 11, Wynan gets things rolling by cutting some gems and putting them up for sale. None of the people in the store are too pleased – not with the loud sound of the gem cutter, and not with the scents wafting off of Wynan.

Screenshot-156But since the next thing he was going to do was shove his head in a dumpster, I didn’t figure I’d bother making him shower. C’mon, Wynan! Dig up somethin’ good!

He dove and dug until his social bar was looking pitiful. So when Yuri Ivanov started up a ghost story, I let Wynan take a break from the trash picking. Yuri, for his part, seemed only too delighted to thoroughly scare the bejeezers out of our poor Wynan Spirits. Look at him grinning as Wynan cringes and shakes. (I may or may not have been grinning just as much.)

Screenshot-160Here’s what he found today though. Looks like we’ll have an indoor stereo and an outdoor stereo. LOL A nicer TV, a rockin’ guitar, a table & three mismatched chairs… our place is coming along.

Screenshot-161Speaking of the place, here we go. Still no back wall, but I did give a bit of separation between the kitchen & dining. I’m sure things will get rearranged before the end, but at least for now the “flow” works okay.

And look! I took a picture of this momentous occasion: the first time Wynan spontaneously chose to shower. 11 days of constant digging through dumpsters and this is the first time that HE has been like “Hm, bet I’m a little ripe. Think I’ll just take a quick hop in the shower.” Good on ya, Wynan.

Day 12

Screenshot-163And.. opening the lid on a, erm, fresh? new day of dumpster diving. At least Wynan still looks happy about his chosen path.

Screenshot-164And he keeps at it until well after dark again, when I notice that his good buddy Meadow has joined him. I give him a bit of a break to chat at her before we call it a night and head home.

Screenshot-165We got nothing of much note today, mainly collectibles or smaller furniture.

Screenshot-166We did manage to dig up a food processor though. It got immediately placed inside on a counter. My hope is that this will help speed up his meal prep time. Since the food currently in the fridge is bad, let’s give ‘er a go. Oh Wynan, time to make some supper!

Screenshot-167And.. he gives the new food processor a pass and opts for chopping his veggies old school.  Maybe you can’t process veg for a salad? I went for salad so he didn’t burn his dream house down before the challenge even got started. LOL

Screenshot-168I make him spend a little bit of time before bed cleaning up the mess he constantly leaves in his wake. So. Many. Flies. And you’ve got a trash compactor right there. It’s not hard to toss it when you walk by, Wynan.

Screenshot-169And as I geared up to queue a pre-bed potty run for him, I noticed the state of the bathroom. Not only is the toilet filthy, it’s also not even flushed from last time. And even “better” than that? Take a peek at the shower. Yep, broken. This means that the ONE unprompted shower that Wynan has taken has led to a busted shower. I set him to the task of fixing it up, then have him wizz and head to bed. The toilet cleaning will just have to wait for another day.

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
word count 1001, pic count 22



5 thoughts on “Do over

    1. Not sure. It doesn’t usually. And in this case it wasn’t even quite while saving. It was while entering live mode after buy mode. I had just finished placing the dumpster stuff from my family inventory. I clicked to go to live mode and right away clicked to pull up the menu that would get me to save (and other options) and it just would. not. go. Froze without pulling up the menu at all. I’ve not ever had it happen that way, hopefully won’t again.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Cindy Barber

    Oh my gosh, this update had me giggling the whole way through it. So out of curiosity, do you do anything with the non-gem stones that you collect, other than selling them? I started this and when I had enough I went ahead and smelted a couple of them. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed, it didn’t say it wasn’t, and I pulled them from the dumpster and used dumpster money to pay for the smelting and then sold them, but I guess I wasn’t sure how you handled those. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t really recall. I think I sold the metals as-is, though I do smelt them now. It was mainly about making the quick buck then (and I always forgot to check mail). The gems I know I cut and consigned at the elixir shop. So long as the rules didn’t forbid it, I tried to just stick with what felt like it was within the spirit of the challenge.


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