The 4th wall

Day 13

Screenshot-170As the sun comes up on Day 13, we can see the state of the house. Mostly the same as it was last update, I believe, just with some extra items stuffed in the “storage hallway” (which will eventually house stairs.) Wynan’s been put to work cleaning his shower.

Screenshot-171Don’t look so put out about it, Wynan. Cleaning the toilet’s next. The shower was nothing compared to that. Seriously, how do you get your things so filthy?

Screenshot-172Oh. Right. Well, you are good at what you do. Keep on scrounging.

Wynan kept that dumpster company for hours. Me, I had fun watching the little junkyard drama that was unfolding. Argyle Sweater is the wife of Old Guy. Sommer (green sim) is….not. She is, in fact, pregnant with Hal Breckenridge’s baby. In the shack at the junkyard, Argyle Sweater presented her aging husband with a bouquet of flowers. Aww, right? Except Old Guy totally shot her down & stormed out of the shack. Sommer watched this and – I kid you not – she smiled at Argyle Sweater before waltzing out the door and presenting Old Guy with flowers herself. And he just loooved these flowers. Argyle Sweater proceeded to chew him out while Sommer smiled on. When Old Guy turned to try and flirt with Sommer, she shot HIM down and left. LOL She was legit only doing it to stir up some stuff. (Old Guy died a couple days later. Argyle Shirt was knocked up soon after.)

Screenshot-175Anyway, while I was on drama watch, here’s what Wynan dug up for day 13.

Screenshot-176We got enough to buy a staircase, and the front wall of the second story. I move some of our excess items up here.Screenshot-177The first floor remains mostly the same, except I used most of our funds to buy exactly one square of wall across the back as a show of good faith that I haven’t forgotten the “must be fully enclosed” rule of the dream house.

Day 14

Screenshot-178The sun is up, Wynan’s social bar is not. He has a quick leftover breakfast and then calls up one of his friends to chat a bit.

Screenshot-179Wynan: “Why excuse me, extremely generic-faced cashier, I don’t suppose you’d let me put any of my gems up for sale? Sorry about the noise earlier when I was cutting them.”

And so go the gems at the elixir shop.

Screenshot-181And then Wynan and his stink trail head off across the street to the salon. (I almost typed salad. Can you imagine someone running like this to get to a salad? Of course, I can’t imagine anyone running like this to get to a dumpster either, so I suppose it’s possible.)

Screenshot-182Target destination: dumpster at rear of salon. Location reached. Commence diving sequence.

Screenshot-183He’s almost graceful in the way he perches all balanced on the edge of the dumpster like that.  He digs all day & evening. I hope he gets something good!

Screenshot-184Woohoo! Apparently people were tossing some pretty high-ticket items in the salon trash today. We keep the game system & much of the furniture. I have zero desire to have a washer though, so I don’t need a dryer, much less two! So both of those get sold. We’re rich!

Screenshot-185Look, look at our respectable house! Look at how party-friendly our lawn is. “Oh, we love to entertain.” (We’ll just pretend we’re one of those people on House Hunters.. surely this is what they mean by outdoor space for entertaining. LOL)

Screenshot-186The second story is fully walled in. It even has a couple rooms walled off too! And you can see my lineup of three chairs representing beds.. hehe.. as he finds more beds, I’ll replace those chairs.

Screenshot-187And I am pleased to announce that downstairs is fully walled in too. We’re very not rich again (note the fact that the upstairs rooms have no door yet lol), but our house “meets code” now. Woot woot!

Day 15
Screenshot-189Day 15 comes around and it’s off to, um, work? we go. Here’s Wynan’s boots & booty poking out of his favorite dumpster as he roots around for some buried treasure.

Screenshot-190He’s soon joined by.. well, I can’t tell who they are from this angle. *hehe*Screenshot-193The three of them keep these dumpsters occupied until the full moon begins its…oh for the love of all that is holy WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER TO TURN THAT OFF?

Screenshot-194Stupid full moon lighting. Even stupider zombies. However, I don’t need an extra of that appliance as I already have one, so it’s a decent digging day anyway.

Screenshot-188Wynan drifts off in blissful slumber, dreaming of being rich. (And yes, that table has four alarm clocks on it. LOL We’re going for points here.. they give me like diddly money-wise if I sell, but they’re a point apiece if I keep them. So keep them I shall.)

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 832, pics 22


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