Scrounging around

Day 16

Screenshot-195The sun is out on this brand new day. Now you can gaze upon the splendor that is our FULLY ENCLOSED two-story house. Not bad for just over two weeks of nothing but trash.I guess that whole “no job, just dumpsters” thing wasn’t as half-baked as I thought, Wynan.

Screenshot-196Wynan: “You’re darn tootin. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do.”
And so he dives the morning away.

Screenshot-197That afternoon, Wynan and his personal stink cloud head off to the elixir shop to cut some gems and put some things up for sale before the cut off time. After that, he stops for some social interaction with the esteemed Mr. Shallow.

Screenshot-198Glad to see Wynan brings out the classiness in everyone. Never change, Wynan.

Screenshot-199He dives a few more times before going home for a supper of salad. Keeping his trim physique is important in the dumpster diving world, you know. (Also, there’s no chance of him setting anything on fire with salad.)

Screenshot-200Here’s the pickings from Day 16’s trashy work.

Day 17
Screenshot-201Before heading out in the morning, Wynan has some business to attend to. And before he can do his business, he has THIS business to attend to. Once the disgustingly filthy toilet is unclogged, he utilizes it to do his business and then high-ho it’s off to work we go. (Man I hope he flushed this time.)

Screenshot-202And then all the daylight hours are spent here at the junkyard, in the dumpster that even the locals seem to know as Wynan’s turf. (True story…even when he’s not at that dumpster, the other sims will generally pass it by for one of the other two. LOL)

Screenshot-203And a fairly decent day for diving. A little seating-heavy perhaps, but hey.. beggars can’t be choosers.

Screenshot-204Since he’s not yet tired, I decide he’s going to take some time to read.
Wynan: “Oh boy! I hope it’s a picture book.”
Um, sure. It totally is. Lots of pictures.

Screenshot-205Wynan: “This is not what I meant.”
What, cookbooks are full of pictures. Now get to reading so you can make something besides hot dogs or salad.
And so he read & skilled his way to the end of this day.

Day 18Screenshot-206Day 18 dawns and I send Wynan to the salon dumpster. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Dumpster pics are still all looking the same, so instead I peeked around inside the salon to see what I could see. Who did I find? Why, Don Lothario of course!

Screenshot-210Don is trying to talk Buck Broke into a new look. Buck doesn’t look too sure about this. I mean, what’s wrong with camo & overalls, right? And no WAY is anyone getting their hands on his moustache.
(I notice Wynan in the background there, chatting up Gee Rainbow. I get ready to send him back to work when I notice his social bar is tanked. I guess the brief stint of funny face making two days ago wasn’t going to last him forever. LOL  Instead, I set him to playing tag since that will still leave me free to watch the Buck Broke makeover.)

Screenshot-211Well.. it looks like Buck drove a hard bargain in still wanting his moustache and grey camo-type pattern. This is an improvement though, Don.
Don: “See, the ladies will be tripping all over themselves to get to you.”
I said an improvement. Redneck-meets-dudebro is not quite a style that will bring all the girls to your yard. Besides, he’s married.
Don: “Oof, sorry to hear that pal.”

Screenshot-213Back to check on Wynan. Apparently tagging the other person is WAY more fun than getting tagged, but his whiny “ugh” face keeps making me giggle.

Screenshot-214He had a wish to mooch money from Gee. That’s against the rules though, so instead I let him mooch some food. Gee apparently is just now discovering that he smells less than delightful. She stays polite and doesn’t let the disgust show outwardly.

Well, he asked for a steak dinner, she presented a counter offer.
Gee: “I don’t have steak and seasonal veggies on me right now, but here. You can have this bowl of canned soup that I’ve been carrying around in my invisible backpack.”
Wynan: “Thanks, Gee! I only ever carry rocks in my invisible backpack. This is way better. You’re the best.”

Screenshot-216And so he ate his soup, then moved on to the junkyard dumpster for a bit before nightfall.

Screenshot-217Here’s the collected treasure from day 18. And look, in the window there you can see Wynan in the kitchen.

Screenshot-218The food in the fridge had gone bad, so I had him clean it out. Then I decided that with his fancy new skill point from reading the picture book earlier, that I’d have him restock with a new recipe.

Screenshot-219Goopy carbonara, here we come. Stay focused here, Wynan. You can do this.

Screenshot-220Wynan: “Finished! Ta-da!”
Um, Wynan?

Screenshot-221Wynan: “Well THAT doesn’t look much like the picture.”
No, no it does not. That looks like the picture if you burnt the crap out of it. Enh, just go to bed. You can try cooking again in the morning. At least there was no fire. Small victories, right?

And so there we leave it. We’ll find out next time if he’s ever able to make anything but salad. 3 more days to go in this section of the challenge (one more update), and then it’s ISBI time! This IS a quick and enjoyable challenge. I totally encourage anyone to try it. I think it would be cool meshed with a “teen runaway” challenge too. The 21 days would take them beyond the (typical) 14 days of teen and into young adulthood, but still leave plenty of young adult life for them to roll into being a founder for a secondary challenge.

I’ve rolled randomly to determine some things about my own secondary portion of the challenge (the ISBI) since it’s coming up soon: The relationship for this generation is live-in partner (this can mean adopting kids and just having a roomie, or having a romantic partner and having babies with them, but no marriage). The number of pregnancies this time is 2 (adoption counts as a pregnancy. Additionally, I am free to alter the features of any kiddo we adopt ONCE. Hair/eye/skin color all stay the same, but I don’t want a ton of pudding faces running around. LOL Adopted children will have all the same rights as bloodline children, because THEY SHOULD, so they will be open for heirship too.) Wynan’s going to carry on with his current line of work LOL (so, unemployed.. but can make money in ways other than just dumpster diving after these 21 days are up) and the skill he’s going to focus on maxing is handiness.

Items bought so far:
3 counters
1 fridge
1 shower
1 toilet
1 bed (sold as soon as one was found in the dumpster to replace it)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 1151, pics 22



5 thoughts on “Scrounging around

    1. That’s half the reason I love this challenge! I get to follow my main sim, sure, but I have time to check in on what all the other townies are doing too. Usually I’m so busy micromanaging that this is a refreshing change of pace.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Cindy Barber

    I have been enjoying this challenge a lot. I’m not sure what to do with my sim after she is done, but an ISBI could be kind of fun. I’ve never played one myself, just read about them. Still, a good round. You are nice to ley Wynan socialize. Bobbie is always wanting socialization and I’m a little meaner this first week. 🙂 I’ll probably start letting her do more of her own thing now that she has a small “house”. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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