Living that dumpster life

Day 19
Screenshot-222The new day dawns and I give him another go at cooking on the stove. Something simple this time. Just some pancakes. He has me worried.. by the look of things, these pancakes may go the way of the blackened goopy carbonara of last update.

Screenshot-223But in the end, he pulls it off, and he and his stink cloud enjoy some solidly “normal quality” pancakes. Yay for mediocrity! So decent.

Screenshot-224We don’t bother with a shower, because the next stop of the day is Wynan’s home away from home… the junkyard.

Screenshot-225Down and down and down he goes.. when he’ll stop, nobody knows! Well.. I mean _I_ know. He’ll stop when it’s dark because that’s when I’ll let him. But that doesn’t make a cute little rhyme. 😛

Screenshot-226But check that out. Not only did he get a bunch of plush seating (and many wall-hanging items), but he got an armless statue. Booyah. We’re keeping that sucker. Venus should distract nicely from the cloud of flies that’s constantly around.

Screenshot-227And then.. I noticed he rolled a wish to fix the dishwasher. I hadn’t even known it was broken. He almost never uses it. (Then again, he almost never uses the stove either, and you can see it’s filthy.) I had sold off our duplicate dishwashers, so I murmured a prayer to the sim gods to keep my pixel doofus safe from electrocution and I let him try to repair it.

Screenshot-228Wynan: “Well, the door works..”
*sigh* This is more stressful than I thought. Please be smart. Use your two handiness skills wisely (thank goodness we’ve had to repair the shower and unclog the toilet – multiple times).

Screenshot-231I kept holding my breath, certain that I would come two days away from the end of this dumpster diver challenge and then lose in literally the only way possible – death. LOL

Screenshot-233But Wynan proved me wrong. He succeeded, reigning victorious over the broken dishwasher and certain shocking death. Just for that, I’ll reward you by not making you do your chores tonight.
Wynan: “Woohoo!”

Day 20Screenshot-234Chores were instead done first things in the morning.

Screenshot-235Wynan: “I somehow thought my reward would be longer.”
Uh, your main reward is still being alive. Get back to scrubbing, you missed a spot.

Screenshot-236Off to the salon dumpster today (this generally means he had a run to the elixir shop as well to cut & sell gems).

Screenshot-238Today’s haul brought…a dishwasher. LOL Of course it did. I’m leaving it in case the dishwasher somehow breaks again, he’ll just swap it out. But hey look! Better stove too!
Wynan: “So I didn’t have to clean that other stove?!”
Life is just rough all around, Wynan. Still.. let’s try your hand at goopy carbonara now that you’ve got more than the cheapest stove.

Screenshot-240Oh man, Wynan, look at you and that pasta! (Also, look at that counter behind you. And a dirty dish that you apparently left on the table this morning.)

Screenshot-241But mostly look at you.
Wynan: “Nailed it!”
Yes you did. Perfect…ly acceptable “normal” goopy carbonara. Woot woot! Just remember to put the leftovers away and that should last you a few days.

Day 20
Screenshot-242This picture has nothing to do with Wynan and is only here to remind me.. hey Boolproppers, in my game, the House Motherlode mascots wasted no time. They hooked up, got married, got pregnant, and it turns out it was twins – a boy and a girl. LOL As efficient as ever. (Though Richie looks a bit dazed about the prospect.)

Screenshot-243Back to the star of the show here, Wynan’s gone bottoms up in his favorite dumpster.

Screenshot-244Ah, Riverview. Sometimes you so pretty.

Screenshot-245As the sun sets, Wynan wraps up his final required day of  trash digging. He heads home and grabs the mail. I don’t know why he seems shocked to see bills. I’m always shocked when it’s NOT bills in my mailbox.

Screenshot-246Still, he pays them so we’re all squared away for the final day.

Screenshot-247He manages to squeak out the end of one more cooking skill point too.

Screenshot-250This is the haul for today. ANOTHER dishwasher lol. Ah well. I set about putting the final touches on the house before doing the point tallies.

Screenshot-254upstairs: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (though neither have toilets lol I did sell off a couple chairs to buy a sink when I realized that a sink was one of “the basics” and I had gone without one this whole time), a hallway, and a loft area

Screenshot-255main floor: bedroom, living room, entry, sitting area, bathroom, kitchen, dining, hallway, great room, and storage area

Screenshot-256Outside view. A little basic, but not too shabby, and hey that front lawn is ready for a party when you are. *hehe*

Official point tallies:
Skill points +7 (4 cooking, 3 handiness)
Room points +17 (7 upstairs, 10 down)
Net worth +43 ($43,552 net worth)
Furniture +224 (not counting the few things we bought)

Total: 291!!

Way to go, Wynan! Your dumpster diving idea was amazing. You have created the world’s most cluttered house from nothing but trash pickings. Success!

You are now free to go out and find someone and get some babies, none of whom I will be able to help you with. Let’s be honest, that’s gonna be harder for me than you. We’ll start that up next round though. It appears that some lovely ladies are just moving in across the street. Wonder who told them about this vacant property? (It was me. We’re introducing ourselves IMMEDIATELY next chapter. Like before Wynan even goes to bed. LOL)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 921, pics 25


4 thoughts on “Living that dumpster life

  1. Woot! Can’t wait for the ISBI portion to start!

    And why does it not surprise me that Richie and Silver got together and had babies. Too bad that didn’t happen in Julie’s game! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol Wynan’s cooking attempts. Came out perfectly acceptable though, I’m proud of him. Glad he didn’t die, too.

    Honestly the house does look great, who would have thought you could build such a large house before even turning adult just by dumpster diving?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cindy Barber

    Oh my gosh…”my pixel doofus” had me laughing so much. Loved seeing how this challenge ended up for you. Makes me want to go finish mine, but first I need to focus on getting my SimNaNo posts out. Great job with it all Wynan!


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