Alright dear readers, last time we wrapped up Wynan’s dumpster dive challenge. The ISBI portion of the story has finally begun. From now until next torch holder, he is the only sim I can control. Of course he’s also the only one I have… but hopefully not for long.

Across the street from Wynan, new construction has gone up and three young ladies have moved in in no time flat.

…her sister Sherry…Screenshot-260
…and their roommate Virginia.
Virginia: “Call me Gin.”

Screenshot-262I send Wynan over immediately to try and greet them. I perhaps should have had him shower first. Sherry is pretty obvious about her disgust. LOL The other two high tailed it inside while they could, and Sherry turned on her heel to follow suit without inviting him in, wrinkling her nose all the while. It’s okay Wynan. We’ll try again in the morning. Go get some rest.

Screenshot-263And while he was resting, a burglar came! I was slow on the uptake (what? why did the speed go back to slow? he’s still in bed.. oh! thief!), so Wynan didn’t hop out of bed fast enough to fight him down. The thief stole our computer.. but on the up side, he appeared to severely sprain his own neck as he ran away. Karma.

Screenshot-267The next morning, Wynan heads over to the ladies’ house again. Sherry greets him and lets him inside this time (showering first probably helped), but doesn’t interact further. Wynan heads upstairs to greet Gin.. who appears to be a little uncomfortable with him trying to talk so closely while she’s in her bedroom.

Screenshot-270She leads him all the way downstairs to by the front door before she’ll say hi. LOL Wynan thanks her for the house tour.

Screenshot-271And then he goes to greet the final lady, Brandy. Looks like we’re gonna have us a generation of blondies. She had him at hello. πŸ˜‰ (Note: To make these gals in CAS, I took premade bases and sims that I have previously made from scratch, tweak them a bit, and “play with genetics” until about the third “generation” of sim. This gives more of a chance for varied genetics in the offspring in the game, so we may not be looking at all blonde kids. I don’t even look at their traits; no trying to make the perfect mate or least idiotic idiot or anything. lol)

Screenshot-272Sherry immediately pulls Gin over to gossip…I’m assuming about her sister being interested in that smelly oaf from the night before.

Screenshot-273The no-longer-smelly oaf is off playing a game of tag with Brandy, who’s following him like there’s a magnetic pull. Wynan tries to get everyone involved in the game.

Screenshot-274He spent most of the day over there, chatting up the ladies. Screenshot-275The next morning, Brandy heads off to work before Wynan can get over there. I overseer-stalk her and see that she works at the business building. A quick peek shows that there’s a dumpster at the diner right next to that lot. I send Wynan over there to get some diving in while he waits for her. He throws what is, I swear, his first disgusted look. Apparently 3 weeks of dumpsters should have been enough. Sorry bucko, you had a chance for gainful employment, you rolled unemployed. LOL Stick with what you know.

Screenshot-276Brandy must have slipped out the other side of the building while we were watching these doors, as we didn’t see her leave. Wynan calls her up and invites her out. In a strategic move, we choose the pool. (Showers!) Brandy says she’ll meet us there.

Screenshot-278Wynan gets to the pool and immediately heads for the shower. He gets about a quarter of the way through when he hops out – Brandy has arrived and just marched right on in to the bathroom.
Brandy: “Sorry about my sister the other day. She can be a total wench sometimes.”

Screenshot-279Wynan appears to appreciate ladies who are bold enough to risk seeing someone naked on the first not-quite-a-date.

Screenshot-280After some swimming (where she did not join him), Wynan asked her back to his place.
Wynan’s deep-voiced left hand: “Hey pretty lady, want to go back to my house?”
Wynan’s high-pitched right hand: “Oh Wynan, I’d totally love that!”

Screenshot-281Brandy: “Wow, you sure have a lot of things…”
Oh honey, you haven’t even seen the inside yet. LOL But her side-eye at all the “lawn furniture” reminds me that I intended to rebuild now that I don’t need the knick-knacks for points. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-282Wynan, ur doing it wrong. How are you getting around that whole “law of gravity” thing? Still, it’s sweet that you’re making dinner for her.

Screenshot-283And then they enjoyed a fine meal “together”.. ROFL (Wynan ate at the kitchen table while Brandy settled in the dining room.)

Screenshot-284Since they didn’t get to chat over supper & build the meter beyond friends, I have Wynan invite her to stay the night. She declines. Brandy, while your words say you don’t know him well enough, your thoughts hint at a different reason. LOL

Screenshot-285Anyway, after hearing her say she can’t stay, exhausted Wynan heads off to bed. Meanwhile, Brandy stays. LOL She makes herself comfortable watching our TV until 3:30am.Screenshot-286
At 4am I thought she was leaving, but she just walked out on the porch and then stood out there for another half an hour, before finally remembering that she intended to go home.

Small interruption to bring you shots of what the House Motherlode twins look like. *squee* They were game-named Leroy and Jenni. I decided they needed to be renamed, so here are Cash & Rosebud.

Screenshot-287Anyway, one more day of chasing Brandy. This time Wynan invites her out to the juice bar (because that just seems the most appropriate place for Brandy and Wynan Spirits to be. *hehe*) As soon as she gets on the lot where he is, she’s all swoony. (I do not get why their relationship bar fills slower than any other sim w/ Wynan. They’re clearly into each other.)

Screenshot-292After playing tag outside for a while (because what else would you do on a date?) I direct them inside where there’s lights, so my pics are visible. Brandy has to take a moment to freak out, and then they get back to chatting.

Screenshot-295Wynan and that raised eyebrow.Β  Looks like topics must be going on the right track.

Screenshot-296Wynan: “Say, just to make sure, you’re not like married or anything are you?”
She assures him she’s single.. for now πŸ˜‰ , and so he invites her over again.

Screenshot-297As we walk in the door, he gets distracted by the stereo and starts to boogie. Wynan.. you’ve got a guest. Don’t leave her hanging!

Screenshot-299He invites her to stay the night, and she accepts…and immediately heads up to bed. LOL He’s never going to get to ask her to move in.

Screenshot-300Before he heads off to bed, he takes the time to unclog, flush, and clean the toilet. We’re serious about impressing Brandy. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-301She wakes up bright and early and makes her bed.

Screenshot-302Then she heads to the kitchen to check and make sure the stove got turned off (even though no one turned it on last night.) I do believe she’ll fit in perfectly in an ISBI house.

Screenshot-303And then she took a step into Wynan’s room, turned on his boombox, and immediately headed back out. Mind you the stereo out in the great room was already on. LOL Anyway, Wynan got up, stomped his foot, but went out to chat with her.

Screenshot-304Just as he queued up his “ask to move in” action, Brandy spun into her work clothes and left. Wynan was apparently not impressed. Me neither, honestly. I decided we’d give it one more go and if something got in the way again, well they’re just not meant to be. He’s going to age to adult soon. He can’t waste ALL his prime years on the dumpster. LOL To make the day productive, I send him out cutting/consigning while a contractor (me!) comes to level and rebuild his house.

Screenshot-306Here we go. The only new thing we “bought” was landscaping, otherwise all the living items were ones he had previously. I’ll likely upgrade some items soon, and hopefully there will be call for a double bed and crib soon as well. For now, he’s got a sweet 4BR, 3BA place with a large open concept living/dining/kitchen. (The “master” is currently set up more like a den, and only 1 bathroom has anything in it, but we’ll add as we go. I took the pic before adding flooring too.)

Screenshot-307Here’s the front of his cozy little house..Screenshot-308..and the rear. I want that soaring window in my real life house. LOL

So he passed the time until Brandy was done, skipped the whole “date” business and just invited her over to show off his new digs.

Screenshot-310Wynan: “Hey Brandy! You like the new place? I was thinking maybe we could make it OUR new place..”

Screenshot-311Brandy suddenly has a flash of insight that oh, Wynan like-likes her. She agrees to move in, and they seal the deal with a kiss. The slowest starting relationship escalates very quickly, and Wynan recalls that there’s no double bed just yet…

Screenshot-313…but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Brandy: “What the heck was IN that shower?”

Heh, sorry girlfriend. Guess I forgot to have him clean the shower before dragging you in there for a romp.

And I believe we’ll wrap it here. Wynan finally got the girl, or at least got her to move in. Now comes the hard (for me) part.. not controlling any of her actions. Wish me luck!

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 1618, pics 44


5 thoughts on “Chasers

  1. I love the idea of mixing random legacy rolls with another challenge!

    Brandy was harder to win over than expected, but Wynan finally convinced her! Good going! (also, Wynan Spirits, I just got that XD I’m wondering how long you can go with the naming scheme)

    I love the house renovation! It looks great! :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was walking through the liquor store months ago, and in true simmer fashion I was like “You know, some of these would be good sim names…” By the time my hubby had picked out what he wanted, I was already tossing around what the perfect founder name would be. And because I’m a giant dork who loves puns beyond all belief, of course Wynan Spirits popped into my head. It’s been a good 9 months or so and it still makes me giggle. “Bad” jokes are the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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