Mixed drinks

Get it? Cuz Wynan Spirits and Brandy are combining to make a kidlet? Enh, it’s like 2am when I’m writing this. Everything’s amusing, even weak puns.

So.. last time, Wynan spent forever getting Brandy to stay put long enough to ask her to move in with him. The minute it was a go, we worked on the next generation. My speakers are on the fritz, so I’m not sure it worked, but we shall see.

Screenshot-315There on the left side of this picture, you can see food that has been made. Wynan grabbed a plate. There on the right side of this picture, you can see a bookshelf behind that comfy chair. Brandy grabbed a book. Wynan walked past the dining table. Brandy walked past the comfy chair (and ignored the couches).

Screenshot-316Both went out to the back porch to sit. Because sims. Wynan finished up and went to bed. Brandy stayed out here reading until I was almost sure she was going to pass out. She did make it to bed though.

Screenshot-317For about 15 minutes.Screenshot-318She didn’t eat any supper, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t something she ate. Which means a tiny Wynandy baby is likely incoming! Woot! Brandy heads back to try bed one more time.

Screenshot-320She makes it about 30 minutes this time before once again hopping out of bed. She twirls into maternity wear and my suspicion is confirmed. She tries bed again, probably hoping that the third time will be the charm.

Screenshot-321Wynan meanwhile, is up and having a spot of breakfast.

Screenshot-322Then it’s off for a hard day’s work.

Screenshot-323Brandy wakes and is remembering that she didn’t feed her face the night before. Hopefully she can figure out where the fridge is.

Screenshot-325She did! And grabbed a juice box instead of an actual meal. You’re supposed to be eating for two, Brandy, not starting a juice cleanse. And naturally, she takes it out to the back deck to drink it. Why do I even bother having a dining table inside?

Screenshot-326When she’s done, she walks around and INTO the house to get to the back side of the outdoor garbage. Cuz using the trash in the kitchen is silly. As is accessing either of the free sides of the garbage can.

She passes her time while Wynan dives. She scrubs the stove…Screenshot-330Day dreams about impending motherhoodScreenshot-331Washes Wynan’s plate that he left outsideScreenshot-332Watches some TV as the sun starts to setScreenshot-334And farts out bubbles as she starts in on scrubbing the counter.

Screenshot-335Wynan finally walks in, filthy as usual, after being gone literally all day.
Wynan: “Hey honey, how are you?”

Screenshot-336Brandy continues to scowl and scrub the counter.

Screenshot-337Wynan: “I’ll, uh.. I’ll just take a shower then?”

Screenshot-340Brandy swoops in to stop him, I guess the hormones got the better of her mood after being left alone all day, but she wanted to make sure he knew she still dug him. ❤

Screenshot-341And so instead of taking a shower, Wynan takes a phone call. Brandy uses the chance to snag the shower before he goes in and dirties it up.

Wynan, freaking: “Ugh! The shower broke!”

Screenshot-343Wynan, freaking even more: “AUGH!! Her water broke!!”

Screenshot-344*shimmer sparkle* It’s a boy! A red-head to boot. I already think I’ll love him. LOL

Screenshot-345He’s Artistic and Excitable, and he loves the color grey. Oh, and his name?

Meet Jameson Spirits.

Wynan fixed up the shower and then went to bed. Dumpster diving and freaking out about your wife giving birth really takes it out of you. Brandy got ready for bed but hopped right up when the baby needed food & snuggles. And then she annihilated the n00bs on her video game rather than heading back to bed.

Screenshot-349She’s turning out to be a pretty rocking mom. After changing him, she takes a quick nap in the chair in his room.

After that, she fell into a nice domesticated rhythm:
Wash the dishes.. check on the baby.
Recycle the newspaper.. check on the baby.
Check on the stove.. check on the baby. LOL (And her face in that last one cracks me up. It looks like she caught me looking in on her and is shocked. Sorry, Brandy. I spent three weeks taking pictures of dumpsters. You and Jameson are way more fun.)

Screenshot-357After the last round of baby-checking, she heads outside to take the trash out.

Screenshot-353And as Brandy puts things IN the garbage, if you squint.. back in the distance you can make out the raised lid of a dumpster as Wynan digs things OUT of the garbage.

Screenshot-358And of course, time for a baby check. This kid will never want for attention, apparently. At least not during his babyhood.

Screenshot-364Brandy realizes she’s hungry and sets off to make some food.

Screenshot-360But it’s okay, because Wynan’s home to dote on wee Jameson. *cue adorable father-son spam*Screenshot-361Screenshot-362Screenshot-363Feeding, and snuggling, and diapering.. oh my!

Screenshot-365And one final shot of Brandy looking somehow confused and thoughtful all at once.

Just a note… I’ve decided that since the novelty of the baby stage wears on me very quickly, as long as each baby gets to be a baby for at least 24 hours, I will feel zero guilt at caking them on up to toddler. I will likely also feel zero guilt at spamming you with tot pics, because they’re probably my favorite stage. Adorable little smush faces. *wub* (At least usually. Perhaps ISBI toddlers will be worse. We’ll see. LOL)

SimNaNoWriMo notes:
words 920, pics 43


5 thoughts on “Mixed drinks

    1. How did you get it to 1 day? I set it to the shortest it would let me, but that was still 2 days. I’ve got all my stages set to correspond to approximate life years. Infant stage SHOULD be 1 day (age 0-1). Toddler is anything pre-school, so it’s 5 days (ages 1-5). Child is 7 days (ages 6-12), teen is 7 days (ages 13-19), young adult is 28 days (ages 20-47), adult is 21 days (ages 48-68), elder is 17 (ages 69-85). I think that’s how I have them all set. Then I make it so adults can’t get pregnant either. So “young adult” is basically the child-bearing adult years, and “adult” is the past-child-bearing-but-before-retirement years. And I Master Controller the pregnancies to be 1 day to fit better in the 1 day=1 year thing.

      The red hair might be random, but it’s also possible it’s somewhere in the genetics line too. When I made Brandy, I started out in CAS with several premade bases and spares from other saves, tweaked their features, and then “played with genetics” until I got about a 3rd or 4th “generation” level sim.


      1. Ahh, sorry, you’re right, I have mine on 2 days, the shortest option. That shows how long it’s been since I’ve had a baby in my household. I wonder if setting your lifespan to short but lengthening the other stages would work though? Not sure how much it would let you lengthen the other stages.


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