Fixing the stuff Brandy breaks

Last time, baby Jameson was born. This time, bring on the toddler stage! Grownups will probably do some things too.

Screenshot-366For example, Brandy will start out by washing dishes as Wynan makes food.

Screenshot-367And she will move on to breaking the dishwasher.
Brandy: “OMGosh, is it really broken?”
Wynan, glancing over: “Yup. Busted. No worries though. I got you.” *rolls wish to fix dishwasher*

Screenshot-369And so I let him do it. I’ve decided that if any of the torchholders die, so long as they have an heir, the torch can pass before said heir would become young adult. Still.. don’t die, Wynan. I super believe in you!

Screenshot-370Fresh off his repair-the-dishwasher win, he’s inspired to upgrade all the things. I set him to making the toilet self-cleaning. Goodness knows we could use that.

Screenshot-371Brandy gives Jamie some attention while daddy works on the toilet.

Screenshot-374Then she takes him to catch up on some quality TV. On second thought.. she looks stricken. Maybe she’s watching the news.

Screenshot-376Okay, who’s ready for a toddler? I know I am!

Screenshot-378Brandy: “Wynan, what are you doing? You’re making the baby cry!”
Wynan: “OMG, step away from the cake with the baby!!”

Screenshot-379But Brandy thought stepping away from the cake was a ridiculous request. I was Jameson’s BIRTHDAY after all. Why shouldn’t he be by his cake? Wynan stepped up and fought the flames engulfing the birthday cake since he needed to rescue his family.

Screenshot-381Brandy continued to bemoan the fact that Jamie kept fussing so it was clearly the worst birthday ever. Wynan did get the flames out, but of course the baby didn’t age. Brandy dumped him on the floor and went to recycle a newspaper. I took the chance to buy a new cake and try again in hopes that the NOT Unlucky Wynan would be the one to bring Jameson to the cake then.

Screenshot-384No such luck. But we did manage to get through it without setting it ablaze this time, which is nice.

Screenshot-385Jameson quickly learns how to sit up and then…

Screenshot-388Huzzah! A toddler!

Screenshot-386Aw and a cute little thing he is too. ❀

Screenshot-389He immediately heads off to the skill objects and I love him even more.

Screenshot-391His folks are on the back deck eating non-charred birthday cake and debating the existance of yetis.

Screenshot-393That widdle face! *smush*

Screenshot-394Brandy grabs the dishes to wash.

Screenshot-395Wynan heads in to potty train Jamie..

Screenshot-398..and start teaching him how to walk for a bit. One bottle & one more potty trip, then Wynan puts Jameson to bed and heads out to dumpster dive a bit.

Screenshot-399Brandy cleans our shower (at least she’s a clean idiot lol)

Screenshot-402Wynan ages up all alone, in the dark, at the junkyard with no one but his favorite dumpster to cheer him on, because I’m an awful sim overlord and forgot his birthday.

Screenshot-403And apparently to make it up to him, I send him home to plunge. Happy birthday, unclog the toilet.

Screenshot-405Potty training? Check. Looking adorable? Also check.

Screenshot-409Learning to walk? Also also check.

Screenshot-410Random sunrise screenie!

Screenshot-412Brandy heads out to the yard in her undies to stand up our poor flamingos. Wynan joins her and coaxes her back inside.

Screenshot-415So persuasive, that one.

Screenshot-419Then, of course, he passes out immediately after. πŸ˜‰

Thus ends our precious mommy-son interaction montage.

Screenshot-423Brandy’s back to straightening up our flock of tall pink seagulls.

Screenshot-427Cutie pie Jameson is choosing to work on music now.

Screenshot-428Brandy’s off to work!

Screenshot-429Wynan puts the sleepy baby down for a nap.

Screenshot-430I can’t recall if this was a promotion or if it was when she got a pop-up seeing if she wanted to switch jobs (to a higher level job in a field she’s totally not qualified for.. but hey better pay so of course she does lol).

Screenshot-433The pout! OMG, he kills me. Feed that poor widdle face.

Screenshot-435As soon as Brandy comes home still sporting the obviously non-pg belly (I had no speakers so no chance at hearing baby chimes), Wynan smoothly propositions her. “So… baby dance?”

Screenshot-436She agrees. (They do have a bed lol the shower is just faster).

Screenshot-440Wynan: “Geology. Pick up all the rocks you find, kid. You can cut ’em up, sell ’em, and build you a dream house.”

Screenshot-441Jameson seems unsure.

Screenshot-442Wynan starts teaching him about recyclables instead. He’s a quick learner there.

Screenshot-447Then we have a brief intermission while he fixes the sink Brandy broke.

Screenshot-448He heads back to teaching Jameson how to talk, though the glitch into way too close. Still, it’s generally pretty cute as it looks mostly like he has Jamie on his lap.

Screenshot-450Cute until he applauds Jameson that is. Then he’s crushing his skull. Ah well. I left them to it anyway.

Screenshot-452Sha-POP! Pregnancy #2 is confirmed! (Final pregnancy of this generation, barring any snafus.) And look in the back.. Wynan & son being way too cute. I let them get the learn-to-talk thing wrapped up, fed the kidlet, and Jameson took himself potty before playing a bit more.

Screenshot-455When Jameson got too tired, daddy went in and laid him down, then grabbed the mess from the potty chair.

Screenshot-456Brandy autonomously came to thank him for cleaning (finally, right? LOL)

Screenshot-458Wynan: “Anything for you, baby.”


And calling it there so I can get this in technically still in September and thus counting for SimNaNoWriMo.

words 891, pics 50


5 thoughts on “Fixing the stuff Brandy breaks

  1. You let Wynan fix the dishwasher with a puddle right next to it? And talk about how it would be okay if he died. πŸ˜‚ He is a lucky sim! But if he died and the heir was a kid/younger, that would be so challenging!

    LOL, with all the available chores Brandy wants to pick up the flamingos. She must keep up appearances!

    Jamison is cute and I’m looking forward to seeing the next kid. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He wished to fix it, and I just wasn’t up for the tantrum that he’d throw if I had him mop first. LOL I’m not doing a wishacy for real but I AM trying to let his wishes drive what he does when possible. And it was more of a “Oh crap, we have to have a plan in case he dies, because I’m not ready to throw in the towel.” LOL I’m so glad he made it. Having the baby be the only one I could control would have been mind-numbing.

      Liked by 1 person

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