Meet Wynan Spirits

Alright everyone, I’d like you to meet our founder, Wynan Spirits.
Screenshot-31He’s a bit rough around the edges, but never outgrows having fun. (Trait list: Slob, Party Animal, Childish, Mooch, and Gatherer. LTW is Lap of Luxury.)

Screenshot-32However, what he is not, is a shrewd business man. So when he spent every simolean he had on “the perfect place to raise your family”, he just assumed that he was getting a steal of a deal on a house. In fact, he got no house at all, on a street surrounded by similarly non-housed lots.

Screenshot-37Oh, and did I mention that while the town was named Riverview, the only view from his lot was the junkyard.
Wynan: “Junkyard? People throw away all kinds of awesome things. I’ll be rich before you know it!”

Screenshot-40Now, the junkyard had three dumpsters, but somehow he didn’t seem to be able to search any of them. So until that bit of weirdness can get worked out, he decides to try digging through the piles of junk in hopes of finding some trash treasures.
Wynan: “This isn’t what I’m looking for. It’s all just scrap.”
Ugh, so it is. I have him sell it out of his inventory, then reset his funds to zero as that is not what we’re looking for. Then it’s off to find a working dumpster.

Screenshot-41I finally locate what appears to be the one working dumpster in town, outside the science building. Maybe he can trash pick some common sense too.

And Wynan seems to take to the challenge with gusto. I set him to dive once, then after that he auto-queued it each time he was done, over and over for like the next 6 hours. Then I had him do a couple more for good measure. Finally, as the sun was setting on our founder and his dumpster, I decided I should give him a break.

Screenshot-50He headed next door to the gym to cob a shower so that he wouldn’t offend others. Poor Hal Breckenridge was just lounging and minding his own business when he got a full strength whiff as Wynan walked in. (note: I have made over most of the Riverview people in my game, so they’ll likely look different)

Screenshot-51After that, I send him off to the playground, as they have picnic tables & a grill. Then we wait for someone to show up and present food for us. The Lobos family does not disappoint.. but Wynan is pretty sure playing tag with Carlotta is the priority here. Get over there and grab a plate from that picnic basket, buster! You never know when they’re going to pack those things up.

Screenshot-52He nabs one of the burgers.. and then goes all the way inside the little club house to eat it, rather than sharing the table with Mrs. Lobos.

Screenshot-53Watching him eat, this may be for the best. It’s like if Cookie Monster ate beef patties.

Screenshot-55After that, we waltz into the fire station. No one stops us, so we head up and use the bathroom. Still no one stops us, so Wynan sidles over and snags a bed. G’night, sugar lump, see you at the dumpster in the morning.

Screenshot-57Except then I remember the rules say everything needs to be placed by midnight. He gets drug out of bed to collects the three stones he found today (2 ore, 1 gem), which are promptly sold to be able to build 1 wall for the hanging stuff we found. I send him back to dreamland at the firehouse and thus ends Day 1.

Screenshot-58After mooching a quick meal from the fire station fridge, it’s back across town to the working dumpster (I  had been having too much fun to bother with replacing the decorative dumpsters with functional ones.)

Screenshot-61Day 2 goes much the same way as Day 1, with me watching Wynan’s feet kick out of the dumpster as he dove until sundown.

Screenshot-63Back to the playground, where Mrs. Kaminski had brought her toddler to play – and have a late night picnic. Wynan and his stink cloud trail over to grab a plate, but sit at the other table (hopefully downwind.)

Screenshot-64After that, he makes himself comfy at the firehouse for the night and I add our finds to the previous day’s haul. I’ll be taking a pic each night after placing everything, but then bugs & stones will be gathered up for sale. So each pic will have only that day’s bugs and stones. Once I get the house built, the pics will have just what I found that day.

Anyway, on to Day 3.

Screenshot-65Wynan: “Ah, can you smell that? The smell of the path to my dream home?”
Sure can. That path smells like hot dumpster. Dig in.

Screenshot-66And so he does. Seriously, should anyone be this excited about dumpster diving?
Wynan: “You see refuse, I see riches!”

After gleefully diving for an entire day, it’s off to the playground again…

Screenshot-67…where he does what any grown man would do and plays with his alligator in the bathroom. And no, that’s not a euphemism.

Screenshot-68Finally people show up, and he is delighted, because one of them is little Carlotta Lobos. She is the only person he’s had any social interaction wish for, I think just because she’ll play tag with him. No one makes any food though, so he eventually gives up and heads next door to his trusty firehouse. He mooches a meal, a shower, and a bed.

Screenshot-69Here’s how we’re sitting at the end of Day 3. Not too shabby! Note to self.. remember to turn that lame full moon lighting off. (Which means I will likely forget for at least one more cycle, because that’s the kind of organized I am.)

At any rate, we’ll wrap it here. Next time, Wynan will need to begin construction on his new house. Will he be able to part from his dependency on the fore station? Will he find a bed so that I don’t have to buy one? Will he ever cook a meal for himself?

Items bought:

SimNoWriMo notes:
1007 words, 25 pics


3 thoughts on “Meet Wynan Spirits

  1. Cindy Barber

    Oh, this sounds like a fun challenge and a good start. You really can get a lot of stuff from dumpster diving it would appear. Great start!

    Liked by 1 person

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